4 thoughts on “Great Song !”

  1. Thanks Ariya.Beautiful words and a haunting melody by Nanda Malini.She rightfully says she is 2500 years old.Yes, we need a homeland that we all can call home and be part of it.Would it not be an utopian dream when we all begin to think differently.Unfortunately, our politicians together with a small band of selfish crooks keep the racial pot boiling.We are in the evening of our lives.What have we done to promote unity.? Have we done our fare share.? If not, why not.?
    Come on everyone, keep contributing and keep the blog alive.!


    1. Completely agree with you Eddie. Sam has been doing his bit to bring us together through his RU64 web. We must do everything possible to keep it going. Three hundred dollars or so per annum is well within our capability and as you mentioned we must keep this unique blog alive.


  2. Thanks Ariya. It is a beautiful song. The words are very appropriate looking at the present situation in Sri Lanka.

    I had personal contact with Nanda Malini , because when she had a first baby at Castle Street Hospital under Dr. Rasanayagam I was the intern. I remember Nanda Malini entertaining the interns and the ward staff on the last day before she left the hospital. Esiri met Nanda Malini a few years ago in Washington DC and when questioned she still remembered Dr. Bandaranayake. It was nice to know.



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