A temple with a long history.

Dear colleagues, I came across this interesting video which may interest everyone especially our Hindu brothers and sisters in our batch.I am sure, many of you would have visited this temple. Even if you have, enjoy one of the special places of Hindu worship.Eddie

This video doesn’t exist

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

4 thoughts on “A temple with a long history.”

  1. Thanks Narme.There is something special about antiquities that we must learn to appreciate.Old monuments regardless of the religiosity is always an inspiration for preservation.If we do not we will be the poorer in our lives.
    I was astounded by the recent dig in Wyoming, where it is predicted lie a large number of fossilised dinosaurs from 150 million years ago.It is a dream to speculate what happened to these magnificent animals in just this one location and their extinction thereafter.Regards. Eddie.


  2. Thanks Eddie for the post.During our visit to North India a few years ago both Piching and I were fascinated by the beauty of the sculptures in the Temples and the forts in India. The facial expressions the contour of the body, the gestures were life like.

    What we have in Sri Lanka is minuscule compared to what is found in India. I am glad these wonderful places are restored and being restored for the whole world to see.



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