Best Wishes to Wije!

My dear Kotta,
You may remember during our internship days
I was Your troublesome, mischievous roommate
You are a great guy with qualities benevolent 
For tolerating me with a smile, you are a saint

Wish you a fabulous Birthday 
Full of joy and contentment 
A long life with peace of mind 
and good health throughout
Ariya De Silva

9 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Wije!”

  1. Hello Kotta,

    Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday, & many more happy birthdays to come. I recall the GOLDEN days at Jeevaka, with you in adjoining room, shared by Kanna & Esiri.



  2. Dear Wije,

    Best wishes to a great batch mate and an illustrious Jeevakite and my room mate for 5 yrs at Jeevaka and fellow colleague from Gampaha.

    A gentleman of the first order and keeps our flag flying high in Sri Lankan affairs in New York and New Jersey.

    Your achievements in this area are plenty.You do us proud.It is a privilege to call you my friend.

    As Wimal mentioned the years at Jeevaka were the finest and thanks for sharing in those GOLDEN times.

    Have a another wonderful year ahead.


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