The Blog Continues!

Dear Batchmates,

Many thanks to those who communicated privately and publicly via the blog in response to my post “the future of the Batch’64 blog”. Most of you prefered the blog to continue. Although the overall interest in the blog has diminished, many of you, who subscribed checked on the content, quite often as indicated by the 20,000 clicks this year. The biggest complaint was that very few are posting comments. At the very least they should respond to their own Birthday greetings! You can also click on the “like’ tab, to let us know you viewed the post.

So, I spent some time in consultation with “word-press” support. Their recommendation was switching to a “Personal Premium” plan with max storage capacity of 13 GB. The new rate is $96 per year ($8 per month)., an amount even I can afford! So it is paid up for 2020. If any of you wish to contribute $5 or10, use the “Paypal” link below. But it is entirely voluntary.

The new site uses the same domain name “” You can save it to your browser as a favorite. and check on the site periodically. The posts are shown on the home page with the latest on top in chronological order. You can also sign in as an EMail follower as before and the site will notify you when a new posting is made. I plan to add some new features to make the blog more interesting, informative and entertaining. For example,

  • “Interesting Reads”
  • “Travel tips”
  • “Photo of the week”

Enjoy the new Blog. Any suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Gunasiri Samarasinghe


Donations towards subscription


Future of Batch’64 Blog

Dear Batch’64 Bloggers,

Time has come to renew our yearly subscription for ’20. Since it’s inception in 2015, we all enjoyed the exchange of information, updates on fellow batch- mates , entertainment and other posts of common interest. The site was also instrumental in organizing the RU’19 which was well attended and successful.

Unfortunately, the viewership and click rate of the followers seems to have diminished in the first half of this year. As shown below, stats for 2019 shows a dramatic drop from 2018. ( 70,000 in ’18 to 23,000 for the first 7 months of ’19.)

The current plan for the blog is a premium category costing us $300 annually ($25/mo). The plan includes the cost of the domain , and unlimited storage and uploading capacity.

Under these conditions, unless there is a resurgence of interest, it may not be feasible to continue the blog in its current version. If you are a faithful follower, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Please indicate your willingness to make a nominal contribution if requested. If not I will be glad to switch to a less expensive “personal blog” version with very limited uploading capacity. It will only cost us around $8 per month. I will look in to downloading the massive amount of the accumilated data to my computer and cancelling the current subscription, when it expires in October ’19. Any ideas and on this matter is greatly appreciated.


Gunasiri Samarasinghe, Web Master

PS: Please do not send me any money at this time.