Breaking News!!

Hi All

Asokan had a hole in one on 7-22-19 at the 7th hole in Oakbrook country club. Distance 150 yards played with Sharad Lakhani and Dan Kramer


10 thoughts on “Breaking News!!”

  1. Dear Asokan,
    WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS from a chap who cant even hold a golf club.
    What was the score at the 19th hole????


  2. Sheer brilliance!

    Congratulations, Asokan,
    for your incredible feat
    Passing in the sporting career
    Yet another mile stone, might

    Thanks Sam for letting us know
    What a star studded batch we are
    What an awesome stick & a swing,
    You must be possessing
    With power and dexterity, you’re the king



  3. It is nice to see my dear Seelan,
    Taking an interest in the hole, nineteen
    Till you receive your answer
    From our golf maestro Asokan,
    I like to share the plight of a person,
    Of whom, never mind the balls
    Even the club remains from a hole, unseen


  4. Congratulations Asokan.They say it is easy to get a hole in one than win the lottery. Hey ! you have nothing to loose Asokan , play the lottery too.

    I watch golf on TV and enjoy looking at the pros. They make it look easy , but I know it is a difficult sport to be good at. Asokan you are with the Elite now.

    Nisantha Banda


    1. Well done Asokan your play was awesome when we last played in Colombo earlier this year it was all pars and birdies keep it going god buddy


  5. Congratulations Asokan. It cannot be a fluke as you have done it before and won a car too. Must be spending a lot of time the golf course and putting practice at home !!!!!!!!


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