8 thoughts on “Beautiful Voice!”

  1. Hey my dear Praxy !
    I had to listen to the whole song , and hear in my head Elvis singing it way back when .. .. what a song.. what a voice … above all What a Memory ….

    Think about it —- ” Tomorrow Might Be Too Late … ” — Oh Ya- RU 2019 !

    Many Thanks –

    oneaglewings !


    1. Deepthie I agree with you totally. Having read your ”tomorrow might be too late”
      I thought of Jim Reeves’s song ( my favourite singer ) ”tomorrow may never be mine ”
      So it is time for all of our batch to try and get together as there may never be another opportunity again for



  2. Thanks,Praxy for sharing this very popular Presley number from the sixties.This girl has a mature voice for her age but not sung with quite the feeling that it did when Elvis sang it.!!! .She probably has yet to feel the “it’s now or never “,moment ,yet.!The music was copied from an old Italian favourite,”O sole mio” meaning my sunshine.Yes, the sixties were our youthful days.Much to remember and cherish.If you can sing along, you are doing well. Eddie.


  3. Forgot to mention that she is Elvis’s grand daughter. So you can imagine, the voice must be in the genes.


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