Best Wishes to Nisantha!

My dear Nisantha,
Send my wishes on birthday for contentment & happiness
To a a great batch mate who shot our batch to greatness
For friendship and care,  you do belong to a special class
Wish good health & a fabulous long life with Piching & Kids

23 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Nisantha!”

  1. Dear Nisantha
    Wish you many happy returns of the day 🎂🎂
    And plenty of good wishes 📩📩 to brighten your day
    So have a glass of champagne🍾🍸 and spend the day happily 😊😊
    Along with your kith and kin and the entire family. 🥂🥂
    Praxy and Ranjit


  2. Dear Nisantha,

    Many happy returns of the day. You have been a great friend, inspirational Motivator & wonderful adviser to Iranthie & I. We take a pride in calling you “OUR FRIEND”.

    Have a good life ,enjoy years to come & do not loose contact. We care for you. Say HELLO to Piching .



  3. Dear Banda,
    With my best wishes on your birthday. It was great to spend some together at the last RU. Hopefully we can do it again.
    Love to Piching.


    1. Thanks CJ for the birthday greetings. I too enjoyed the time spent with you. Hope we will be able take part in another skit together.



    1. Dear Nisantha,

      Wishing you a fantastic birthday and many more wonderful returns.I know you are having a great time in the Fingerakes area in New York.What a fine place to enjoy your birthday!

      Very well deserved.You are a true friend and a gentleman.So proud to state you are our friend.

      We are blessed.

      Esiri and Chandrika.


  4. Hi Nisantha,

    Happy Birthday to you, sorry for the belated wishes. May you be blessed with many more.

    Regards to Piching.

    Ranjit & Shanthi

    Winter Haven, Florida


  5. Dear Nisantha
    I hope that your birthday was a wonderful one and you enjoyed with your family and friends.


  6. a little late and happy bday hope you have a wonderful year ahead,best wises to all your f amily


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