5 thoughts on “Good Advice!”

  1. Hi Praxy and Organising Committee
    Leela and I regret to inform you that we will not be able to attend our Reunion in October as I have been scheduled for eye operation.
    Can we wish all who are attending to have a great evening and hope we could see everybody again in the future.

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  2. Thanks Praxy for the post. I received this a few days ago on my whatsup app. I enjoyed listening to it then and now. Yes indeed we have to learn a lot from the honey bee.



  3. Thanks Praxy for this interesting post relating our lives to the habits of two of the common insects that we all share our world with.The bee,is considered very useful to us because of the honey they produce but live a very complicated life cycle around the queen.A drone’s life is all hard work and lives for about 3 weeks, while the queen lives for a couple of years just producing eggs..At the end of the day,a drone which is successful in mating with it’s queen dies in flight while the unsuccessful drone is also thrown out of the hive to die.A no win situation,for drones.!!But, the colony survives, much like every civilisation in the world that has survived the ravages of time.!!
    Our common fly lives for about a month and produces large amounts of eggs which go through the life cycle from maggots to flies, all stages are common irritants in our lives but we do learn to live with them with our fly swatters and meshed windows.A bee sting is carefully avoided and the fly is never allowed into our homes.!!
    There is a lot that can be learned from the lives of bees and flies that can be extrapolated with the behaviour of people around us..Some to be avoided and others to be swatted away.!!!
    This is my “ tongue in cheek” contribution to the post, but true in the world we live in.


  4. Thanks Praxy.
    Good lesson learnt from the Swami & also from Eddie

    ( I saw a note from our Kumara Swami. Hope he recovers soon)


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