We received several inquiries as to whether the proposed plan for having another RU this year is still in progress. Some of you may have already made plans to attend and others may have had second thoughts after the recent events in SriLanka. The Organizing Committee wishes to proceed with the original plan. They feel that the conditions in SriLanka would likely be more normalized by October. However, before they proceed any further the committee would like to know how many are still interested in attending. You may have already received a message from Praxy regarding this matter. Please help us by your response even though you may have done so before the events occurred in SriLanka. You may contact Praxy at or use the “Contact Us” tab above on this page.

Thank You,

RU’19 Organizing Committee.

If you wish to contact the hotel for additional information, please call or Email, Sanjaya Ariyaratne

Sanjaya Ariyaratne
Browns Hotels & Resorts
Browns Capital PLC, No: 19, Dudley Senanayake Mawatha ,   Colombo 08, Sri Lanka
T:  + 94 11 7 644 534 | M:  + 94 777 530 166 
E:   W:

Inform Sanjaya that you are attending Doctors Reunion in October