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This excerpt from Carl Sagan’s book “Pale Blue Dot” (1994) was inspired by an image taken, at Sagan’s suggestion, by Voyager 1 on Feb 14, 1990.
The earth is shown from a distance of about 6 billion km (3.7 billion miles).
Voyager 1 had completed its primary mission, and was leaving the Solar System when, at the request of Carl Sagan, it was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around, and take one last photo of Earth across a great expanse of space.

4 thoughts on “ONE PALE BLUE DOT – CALLED HOME…”

  1. Thanks Sam for this post which I have seen before but the accompanying important message requires revisiting regularly in the midst of all our miseries.If everyone on this planet understands and lives accordingly, it will be Utopia on earth.I have a large print of the blue dot in my study.It reminds me every day, how fortunate we are,living in our beautiful planet Earth.


  2. Thanks for the video Sam.

    Scientists ,astronomers in particular believe that there are 2 Billion to 200 Billion earth like planets in the universe. Right now we have no way to reach these planets or communicate with beings in these planets.

    Buddha in his discourses has mentioned the life on other planets and even described the nature of these beings. I strongly believe that we are not the only intelligent beings in this universe.As the Buddha mentioned there are much more advanced and much more intelligent beings in other earth like planets.

    Just 50 years ago if one mentioned that one could make hotel reservations, book flights and communicate with people around the world , with a hand held device the size of a post card : people would have laughed at you. Now no one is laughing. Someday scientists would be able to communicate with beings from other planets. I hope that day will come soon.

    The little blue dot is all we have at the moment to call home. Therefore we all have to make an effort to take care of our beautiful blue dot in the universe without any animosity , bickering , in fighting name calling or any other insults. We all have to live peacefully respect one anothers beliefs , ethnicity, religions and backgrounds.



  3. Brilliant!
    Thanks for the video, my dear friend, Sam
    Two billion earths may be a truth or a sham
    For caring every life, blooded cold or warm
    Should look after Mother Earth, like our mum


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