Cliff Richards at 82

This video doesn’t exist

Cliff Richards is 82 yrs of age & he proves that age is only a number!!

Shared by Narme

3 thoughts on “Cliff Richards at 82”

  1. Thanks Narme for sharing the video. I want to be able to sway like that at 82. The singing part , now that is another issue.



  2. Thanks Narme, for sharing this beautiful number
    The octogenarian still has style to be the master
    Swinging hips, supple joints move in excellent order
    Exhibits prowess of a man living on lemon & vinegar

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  3. Thanks Narme,
    I still have his Vinyl record including this song.
    Cliff (Harry Webb} – “Made” in India – 14th Oct 1940 – This makes him 78+ –
    He is still a “septuagenarian” like us, but I don’t think that anyone of us can match his style of hip swaying


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