Best Wishes to Mahilal!

My dear Mahilal,
Wishing you a glorious birthday full of joy and happiness 
Send my greetings across, expansive oceans & continents 
May you have good health, peace of mind and contentment 
For being a precious gem of a mate, among a plethora of gems 

12 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Mahilal!”

    1. Thank you, thank you my friends for all your sincere wishes which means so much to both myself and Mahila in our dotage.
      Thank you, Ariya, you are always in the forefront leading the way with your very benevolent wishes. I am very blessed to have such a sincere friend in you and do appreciate and value your friendship ever since our block days. Thank you once again. While I will make an attempt to thank you individually, this message is to all of you to express my deepest heartfelt thanks for your good wishes which are all very special. Thank you, thank you
      I wish to express a special word of thanks to Sam who has provided us with this wonderful platform to help us communicate with each other from wherever you are in this wide world ! Thanks Sam for your wonderful service to all your batch mates !
      Best wishes and love to all, Mahilal


  1. Dear Mahilal,

    With my best wishes on your birthday. Have a lovely day with the family,
    Theruwan saranai,


  2. Hello Mahilal.

    From one Gynecologist to another—- Happy Birthday, Mahilal. Iranthie & I treasure the times we spent with you & your Brilliant Artist/ Wife ; Mahila, in your great home, when we visited you in Brisban.
    Hope you will have a wonderful day & a great life for two of you. Iranthie joins me in wishing a great friend & colleague a very Happy times.



  3. happy bday mahilal you seem to have dropped out of contact for awhile hope you are enjoying your retired life best wishes and the beat of luck


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