Vesak Update from Eddie

Vesak in Colombo at sunset

It is Vesak day 2019.Much has happened in the lead up and the quiet in Colombo  5 is palpable.It is a timely  to reflect on the true values of a 2600 year philosophy, the basis of Buddhism.We must reflect on the message for it is a great philosophy and not a religion.Enlightenment comes from knowledge and known history.The path to enlightenment for the Buddha was the the return to Kusinara when Saukiyamuni knew that  his time was up.The long trip to Kusinara via Vesali and Pava , where he had his last meal.The intimate discussion with Ananda of the Thathagata.There is much to learned from available history but how many know.?
Our hope is that if Buddhism is practised the way it should be, Sri Lanka would indeed be a resplendent isle.Hoping for a peace and enlightenment in the years to come.Regards


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7 thoughts on “Vesak Update from Eddie”

  1. Thank you Eddie for the Post on Vesak in Colombo etc .
    Where did 2600 years of Buddhist Philosophy go ? What ever happened to it ?

    The marauding mobs that set fire to businesses, attacked homes, in Colombo and elsewhere ,– Who are these people on whom the Dhamma and Metha seemed like water on a ducks back ?

    Where did they go to school as young children ?Who were their teachers ?
    What was taught to them ? Religion or Civics ? or None of the Above ?

    I hope the Powers That Be- will learn something from the aftermath of the Easter Sunday Tragedy .
    It is as if suicide bombers were not enough, that the innocent people had to deal with marauding mobs.

    We are all One Family with One Mother – Mother Lanka .
    We Children are as different as the five fingers of one hand .
    When Mother is Attacked by an outside Ideology/ Force – the Children , I think , should put aside the family squabbles and Unite As One, and deal with the Outside Force that attacked The Mother .

    It takes a great deal of Political Will to do so .

    I only hope this will happen, and then Peace and Enlightenment will come .
    Then , Darker Forces will have no seed bed to flourish .

    Metha to ALL –

    Deepthie .


  2. Wise words Eddie, thank you for reminding us of the last days of the Lord Buddha and his great philosophy for all time. A few miscreants in our country does not involve the vast majority of peace loving people.


  3. Very wise words indeed Deepthi. If Buddhism prospers in the country then all other religions will prosper.If not the country is heading for a bloodbath.


  4. Thank you all for your thoughts.We need to reverse these cycles of violence.We Srilankans regardless of race and religion must be made to feel one with each other without distinction and that in turn makes one belong to the whole of society.This belonging strives one to work towards the betterment of society and certainly prevents one becoming an extremist or a terrorists.Singapore did it under Lee Kuan Yee..Why can’t we ??There is a lot of money wasted in arming a small country like ours when there is much more that can be done to alleviate the lot of the poor instead.If we leave it to the politicians this will never happen.Lets not forget the old cliche,United we stand and divided we fall.I am still dreaming of the resplendent isle of yore.!!Is it too late?


  5. Thanks Eddie for posting the video.

    If one traces the history of Genocide and blood baths that occurred around the world Russia, China , Japan, Cambodia and Europe , it the minority who were involved in the massacre. The majority of the citizens wanted no part in it.

    Majority of citizens did not want Bush to go to war with Iraq , but he did anyway. Same with the LTTE and the JVP.

    Most Muslims around the world are peace loving people. However a few radicals have twisted the Muslim religion to suit their perverted macabre views and creating havoc around the world , and now in Sri Lanka. When will it end. I do not know.

    We are at the tail end of our lives. I feel sad for the younger generation who has to face violence in their future.



  6. Thank you Eddie.
    We can better ourselves and hopefully others will also better themselves. There is no other hope for us.


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