Best Wishes to Praxy!

My dear Praxy,
Happy birthday to my sincere friend &  a resourceful lady
Lovingly nicknamed Bionic, due to perfection and beauty
Absolute live wire for the batch, takes on the hardest duty
Wish a fab birthday where all your kith & kin, join the party

May you have excellent health & peace of mind always
May you  have a  long enthralling life with Ranjith & kids
May long last the pretty smile enriching  world everyday 
As you brighten all of us in  batch 64, like a summer day

 Ariya De Silva

Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend – may you have a Very Happy Birthday
Today, and enjoy many more Happy Days in the Years ahead .
Good wishes  and many thanks to you good man- Ranjith,  for looking after
you, during all your Bionic Post op days!

Praxy — you have been my  Good Convent Girl Friend, from  ‘way back when
‘, and you were there for me, in good times and not so good times.  
Don’t really want to tell ‘ when’ ,  as it will give our age away  Ha! Ha!
Ha !!
Anyway, Age is the Only Number some wise person said. 

Thank you for everything you have done for me,  to enrich my life all these

Here are a few pics from 2018 RU – ”  Dompeta Yana Para Koibado ”  ” Mokak Kivva ?”
– was the classic one, and I am still laughing !”

The Class of 64 – is fortunate to have you among us , as YOU are The All
Weather Bionic Nona , that goes Rolling along- no matter what the weather is

Have a Happy Birthday with dear Ranjith and children- Joe and Tania, and
the rest of your family . 
Deepthie .

30 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Praxy!”

    1. Dear Asoka and Arundathi,
      Many thanks for your birthday wishes.
      Look forward to meeting you at the October RU.


  1. Hi Praxy, Many happy returns of the day and wish you many more of them in the years ahead. best wishes to Ranjith, Annesley


  2. Hi Praxy,

    Happy Birthday to you and may you be blessed with many more. Regards to Ranjith and the Children.

    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven, FL


    1. Dear Ranjit,
      Thanks a lot for your birthday wishes.
      Sorry to hear that you will not be able to attend the RU. Please do try to come.


  3. Many happy returns dear Praxy, and best wishes for a contented and healthy life in the years to come. Thank you and Ranjit for a continuous long and close friendship. I remember your hospitality 30 years ago when you both drove all the way to York and took me to your home. You both never fail to contact me when you are in Sri Lanka. All the best.
    Nirmali and Narme


    1. Dear Narme and Nirmali,
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. Yes I can remember your visit to our place that many years ago. Praxy


  4. Dear Praxy –
    Many happy returns of the day & we wish you & Ranjit a happy and healthy future.
    Seelan & Jean


  5. Dear Praxy

    Best wishes on your birthday. We are glad that you were able to come to Adelaide and we cherish there beautiful memories. Hope yours and Ranjith’s family in SL are OK. Regards to Ranjith
    Satha & Selvi


    1. Dear Selvi and Satha,
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. Yes indeed it was a lovely memorable stay in Adelaide and meeting up with both of you was wonderful.


  6. Dear Praxy,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope you have a grand time with Ranjith and the kids.
    Lots of love,


    1. Dear CJ,
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. As we grow older birthday is another day and we just went out for a simple dinner. Praxy


    1. Dear Paul,
      Thanks a lot for remembering my birthday. It is difficult to forget yours as you share your birthday with my brother. Praxy


  7. Dear Praxy,

    Wish you a Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the Day . All the best now and for the future.



  8. Dear Ariya,
    Thank you very much for your poetic birthday wishes. These bionic legs are wonderful, but my only fear is that I might have to end up with a bionic shoulder too as both shoulders are painful. The steroid injection on the right seems to have helped a bit…. at least for the time being.


  9. Dear Eagle D
    Thank you for the birthday wishes from one ”good convent girl to another”. The photos are beautiful and thank you f or taking the trouble to post them. You gave become an expert in photography and I am sure Mother Annunciation and Mother Marcel wherever they are now, would be very proud of you.


  10. Dear Praxy

    We wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. Happy birthday!”

    Maharojani and Sreetharan,


  11. Dear Praxy
    Please accept my apologies for the belated response to your b,day. Just returned from a short break.
    Best wishes and many happy returns.


    1. Dear Praxy
      So so sorry There was a problem with messages. Just saw this & CJ ‘s bdays
      Wish you all the best & Gods choicests blessings
      Roshani & Ranjit


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