2 thoughts on “SriLanka forever!!”

  1. A lovely song in the three languages composed after the atrocities and the carnage on Easter Sunday.

    It is the ISIS terrorists that were the culprits. It is a very sad and atrocious heinous act of violence that occurred on Easter Sunday . Sri Lanka is again going to regress. The economy is already affected by cancellation of tourist visits. Hotels will suffer , restaurant business will go down, tourism will be down, so will the economy and the poorest of the poor will be affected.

    When the refugees from Syria , Pakistan and Southern Myanmar ( Rohinga ) were given free access to Sri Lanka ISIS affiliates unfortunately slipped into Sri Lanka. They are the people who are involved in the drug dealings. Sri Lanka now has become the drug distribution center for the whole of South East Asia. Until the drug cartel is eliminated in Sri Lanka there will be , no peace , prosperity or safety in Sri Lanka. Perhaps Sri Lanka has to resort to what President Rodrigo Duterte did to the drug dealers in the philippines.



  2. Very nice song – Trying to console people.
    Millions want to see peace but it takes only a handful to spoil it.
    We cancelled our Feb 2020 Bloem get together, because of a warning saying that there may be some political turmoil before & after election in Srilanka , but I didnt expect this type of terrorism !
    Very Sad.


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