13 thoughts on “Let us stand together”

  1. Yes we were greatly saddened by the news, of such carnage in such a small country in such holy places and the killing of so many tourist who visited our beautiful country for it tranquillity and beauty.

    We were thinking of visiting SL for the Easter holidays, leaving here on Holy Saturday after fulfilling our Easter obligations and returning on Tuesday but the difficulty of getting back to UK on this day that we wanted, prevented us from booking the flight. My first intention was to visit St Anthony’s church Kochchikade to fulfil a vow I made when we misplaced our passports and could not find them on the eve of a flight abroad. After I found them my first intention was to visit St Anthony’s church.So on this visit my priority was to do that. But the difficulty with the return flight made us give up the idea. On my next visit when I go there it will be sad to see what has happened. Hope the church will be renovated soon. My thoughts are with the relatives of the lost ones who will have to harbour these sad memories. Praxy and Ranjit


  2. Dear Sam,
    I do endorse your sentiments, absolutely
    Under the toughest challenge our ability
    And resolve to be unperturbed by cruelty
    To not to lose the nerve is a divine quality


    1. Dear Sam

      Join you and others in expressing our sincere condolences to every on e affected by this terrible tragedy. We will stand together in times of trials like this. May the souls of those departed rest in peace.



  3. Cry for me Sri Lanka.
    We arrived in Colombo on Easter Sunday at 1 AM for a planned family reunion..Indra a compulsive church goer.! Got ready and went across to St Mary’s Bambalapitiya At 8 AM.She was lucky not to be in the wrong place.We never wanted to leave Sri Lanka until 1983.!,I still love the place but it is never going to be the same again At every turn, you begin to wonder what our various religions have made of us.I do not think that they have made us better persons.I hate to say this but Karl Marx was right when he said that “ religion is the opium of the masses.”Looking around, I do not see goodness in the hearts of the people around us.Look at the newspapers, they only mention the rich and famous who have lost their lives but the majority of the dead are poor souls looking to God and their religion for salvation.Then you have terrorists gloating over the great feat that they have accomplished to avenge the crusaders.I am sad for the people of Sri Lanka.I say no more, “only man is vile.”. Eddie.


  4. Thank you Sam for the post .
    Eddie — AGREE with your 110 %- I have lost faith in The Human Race .
    Many thanks to Sam for the post and Eddie – I agree with you 110% .

    Eddie and Indra – May you and your family have a Blessed and Peaceful stay in Lanka .

    As for me, I have lost faith in the Human Race and I am glad I am at the end of my life ..
    My heart breaks for the People of Lanka – Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters — we are ALL One .

    As the song above says –
    ” Shaktiya Vadamu, Rata Goda Nagamu Samaya Vadamu ”
    ( Give Strength , Rebuild the Country , Give Peace , )
    We will be Srilankan All our Lives .. ”

    Let Peace and Love Win .
    Blessings to ALL — Deepthie .


  5. At the outset I must say Eddie and Indra please be safe. The Indian government and intelligence agency has warned Sri Lanka about more attacks.

    Someone asked me today how I was doing. My reply was not well at all. “ Why what is wrong” I said how can I be well when so many innocent lives were taken and massacred in Sri Lanka.

    I was interviewed by the local paper and I had to say the same thing as above and much more about the atrocities.

    Tomorrow Wednesday there is a multi cultural and multi religious meeting and a vigil at The Heinz Chapel , here in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. This to remember the deaparted the victims and families of the affected. Lot of Sri Lankan’s including me will be there at this vigil.

    I do not know how anyone could ever forget this heinous act. Can one imagine IS ( Islamic State ) claiming responsibility and saying it is in retaliation to what happened in New Zealand. What has Sri Lanka got to do about what happened thousands of miles from its shores. Idiots , lunatics ,murderers that’s what they are.



  6. Hi Nisantha — thanks for your thoughts .
    There were Vigils in Toronto an in Ottawa – Multifaith Prayer Ceremonies .

    Phone calls keep coming to me from my friends in Canada and Sedona .

    Cry The Beloved Country ….. is all I can say .. to those who ask me ‘ how are you doing ? ‘


  7. Eddie, Please be safe in Colombo. Whatever you said is very true. For some, religion is like opium.
    Also, there are many cruel people around us.

    Nisantha, yesterday there was a vigil in Sydney organized by people from all faiths.

    We join you all in expressing our condolences to those affected & our prayers are for those who got injured.

    We were all happy that the civil war was over. Tourists were pouring into the paradise & now this tragedy !!!!! It’s very sad.

    Seelan & Jean


  8. We are so saddened to hear the tragedy that happened in SL on Easter Sunday. Although I am a Hindu I have been to Sr Anthony’s church during med school days and found that it is a beautiful place of worship. It’s tragic that so many poor souls have died on this day.
    We pray that no further attacks do not happe
    selvi & Satha


  9. We join to express our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones, and for those who were injured our prayers for a speedy recovery. It’s with heartache and tears that we pray for no further violence in our Motherland, Sri-Lanka.
    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven. Fl


  10. We like to express our heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and those who were injured.We hope and pray that this won’t occur again.
    Eddie, Whatever you said is true.and hope you are safe in Sri Lanka.


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