Best Wishes to Piching!

Happy Birthday, Piching
It is with great pleasure, I send Birthday greetings
To a lady with rare coincidences beauty, grace & brains
Boundless energy & an unassuming personality cheerful 
Her fabulous  performance at RU, as an ‘Udarata Niliya’ 
Mesmerised everyone for accuracy, grace and elegance
I wish a long life of, good health & happiness with Nisantha
Ariya De Silva

15 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Piching!”

  1. Dear Piching
    Hip hip hurray
    Your birthday 🎁 is today
    So we wish you many happy returns of the day💐💐
    And blessings of the Triple Gem to come your way🙏
    Ranjit and Praxy


  2. Dear Piching,
    With my best wishes on your birthday.
    I have very fond memories of the time together at the last RU and hope for more of the same in future,


  3. Dear Peach
    Best wishes and many happy returns. Hope to see you both at the next RU- if there is one!


  4. Dear Piching
    Many happy returns of the day Piching. You have not changed much over the years and look pretty always
    Selvi. & Satha


  5. Happy Birthday My Dear Piching!–

    You were my rt hand and lt hand for 5 yrs at med school- for better or for worse for you my dear friend !!
    How can I ever forget those days…!!!

    Good Wishes to to you The Udarata Niliya, and may you enjoy many more years of Happiness with your ever loving Udarata Naluwa and family.

    your good friend – Deepthie .


  6. Dear Piching,

    Hope my reply to you will not get lost, amongst the thousand!!. Very happy Birthday to you. You have been ALWAYS a great friend ,Smart Allergist & a good adviser to me. Iranthie joins me in wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness years to come. Thank you for taking care of my Jeevaka Room Mate & keeping him on line & Youthful!!!.



  7. you all have made my day memorable and happy with your good wishes. Thank you for all the kind words and friendship that I will treasure always.


  8. Dear Piching,

    Many happy returns of the day & Happy Birthday wishes and many more healthy future ones to follow in the future

    Best Regards,



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