6 thoughts on “Fender Bender”

  1. Dear Sam
    It was interesting to see the type of vehicles used those days and more interesting to see the uniform of the policeman. The onlookers might have even witnessed the first accident of their life.Praxy


  2. Interesting pictures. That accident does not appear to have caused too much damage. I think the slow speed is the reason. Thanks for the post Sam.


  3. Sam,

    That is VINTAGE!!. Neat to see the photo of accident!!. First time I am happy to see an accident. No damage, as Banda observed, very well due to slow speed [ eg-20 mph!!]



  4. Thank you Sam. Makes one yearn for the old days after being in Sri Lankan traffic.
    Praxy had focused on the policeman’s uniform whereas Narme could only think of the shorts (by putting it on Praxy, A form of projection).
    Narme, you do your old College proud.


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