6 thoughts on “Update from Selvi”

  1. Dear Selvi
    How nice to see all of you again in the photo. Nice to see Jansen and wife ( in the photo) whom we missed on our visit to Adelaide. Thanks fir posting the photos. Praxy


  2. Dear Selvi,
    Thanks a lot for posting the photos. It was nice to see some faces we missed at the last RU – Roger, Justin and my fellow ‘A’ Bathiya.
    With best wishes,


  3. Hi Selvi and Satha,

    Great to see all of you once more , taking my mind back to my visit to Aussie some 28 yrs ago, and the RU- 2014 in SL., when well met, except you Selvi, who we all dearly missed.

    Nirmala and Justin, even joined in on the singing in the bus, from Borella to Beruwala– check this on the web page– ( Esiri’s b’day greeting dec 2014.)

    All of you look The Picture of Good Life !!—

    The tall young lad seem like Annesley’s son ?

    Continue the fun of Mini RU’s– when ever, where ever .



  4. Hi Selvi
    Thanks for posting the nice pictures. Looks you have settled into a beautiful house..Congratulations.


  5. Hi Selvi. Thanks for posting the great pictures. Nice to see all the batch mates and families in the Adelaide area.


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