Best Wishes to Indragee!

Your birthday on the 29th is one of a kind 
So sending wishes on 28th hope you don’t mind 
May you be blessed with health happiness and good cheer🥂🥂
As you celebrate your birthday with a good glass of beer 🍺 
Praxy and Ranjit

My dear Indrajith,
Though the Maker took for years to include all your good qualities in
We cannot wait four years to celebrate the birthday of a very nice one
Hence a little adjustment made to rejoice your birthday one day early
Please accept our best wishes for a birthday full of happiness &  glory

May you have peace of mind and contentment always
May you have excellent health and a very long life joyous
May all your efforts, expectations and desires come true
May your sincerity and benevolence continue to shine through 
Ariya and Thavamani

17 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Indragee!”

  1. My dear Leap Year Baby. In an year without 29 days in Feb, you should celebrate it on the day after 28th ie: 1st march. Otherwise you will miss out on Gifts & Cake.
    Wishing you a happy birthday & long healthy life.


  2. Dear Indragee

    Maharojani is joining me in Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday.May you be blessed wiith many years of peace of mind,contentment,happiness and very good health.



  3. Happy Birthday to you Indragee– lucky you, –get to pick which day or even days, you want to celebrate your birthday !
    Enjoy your Happy Day( or Days, !!) with Manel , children and family, and May You be Blessed with Good Health and Happiness in the years ahead.


  4. A very happy B/day Indragee. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Enjoyed the time with you in the “A” group.


  5. Dear Indrajee,

    From a one OB/GYN to another;, Happy birthday to you, have a great day & a good life, many more happy birthdays ahead. It is great to know you, call you a batchmate, colleague in Ob/Gyn, & proud of your success in life. I am honored to be your friend. God Bless You.



  6. Dear Indragee

    Wish you a Happy Birthday & Many happy returns of the day with many more Happy & Healthy ones to follow.

    Best Regards,



  7. Dear all my friendly Batchmates , Thank for making comments for a birthday for the year 2019.
    Real story is that I had only birth month for the year 2019. My real 19th. Birthday will be coming on 29th February 2020.


  8. Dear Indrajee.
    Many happy returns of 28 th February-to 1st March.
    May you have good heath and prosperity in years to come.



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