20 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Anoja!”

  1. All the very best to you dear Anoja and may you have good health and contentment in the coming years. We are proud of your achievements and that you will be giving the Dr. C. G. Uragoda History of Medicine Oration in the coming week.
    Blessings on you.
    Nirmali and Narme


  2. Dear Anoja,
    Many happy returns of the day & wish you a happy & healthy future.
    Also best wishes for your upcoming oration.


  3. Ariya is having some problem with his computer, but has sent his wishes to Anoja :-

    “Greetings to Professor Anoja
    It is with great pleasure send my best wishes
    To dear friend Anoja, for good health & happiness
    May your exemplary life continue helping other souls
    And it is our privilege that you chose to be one of us.


    Dear Anoja
    You are a gal who has achieved muchπŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ“
    Its not surprising since you were one of the cleverest in the batch πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’Ό
    We wish health joy and happiness to you .πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚
    And hopefully will meet up again at the next RU.😊😊
    Praxy and Ranjit.


  5. Dear Anoja,
    With love and best wishes on your birthday.
    Biga, Sunila and I are flying out to Sri Lanka tonight. Hopefully we might be able to meet if you are free sometime during the next three weeks. It would be lovely to see you.
    Enjoy your birthday.



  6. Happy Birthday to you my dear Anoja!
    Iam so glad that you are still continuing to be that ,First Class Professor that you are.

    All Good Wishes to you in all your future endeavors in the field of Medicine, and still continuing to be that wonderful role model that you are, to the next two generations of female medical students of Sri Lanka, over the past 50 years.
    That is a lot of young minds that you have positively influenced, year after year, for Fifty Years .!!

    I am truly honored to call my self your friend and batch mate, of The Class of Sixty Four, and stand beside Prof.Dr. Anoja Fernando.

    Blessings to you, my dear Anoja,



  7. Dear Anoja,

    It gives me great joy to wish happy birthday to a wonderful batch mate who has achieved so much.

    You make the batch proud.

    Have a joyful day and a fine year.

    With very best regards,



    1. Thank you every one for the good wishes on my birthday. Wonderful to be in touch with batch mates after all these years.I just opened my email after 4 days (in Dubai) while returning to SL after a conference in Paris.
      Biga, Sunila and CJ and anyone else who happens to be in SL, I would be very happy to see you on the 26th. Please send tel contact number




  8. Dear Anoja
    Wishing you all the blessings on your birthday
    You are one of the best loved people in our Batch
    God Bless
    Ranjit & Roshani


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