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Dear All

 We had a mini get together on our  recent  trip to Adelaide. Though the stay was only  for 6 nights we enjoyed it thoroughly . Meeting with Selvi and Satha,  Sonali and Annesley  and Justin and Nirmala were one of the highlights of the trip.
The day after we landed Selvi and Satha took us to show the city including the Oval and other points of interest  including beautiful cathedrals . Two days later they took us wine tasting and had a glorious time visiting wineries, picking strawberries, visiting Mount Lofty having not only wine but also coffees and lunch.They took a lot of trouble to show us around. Thank you Selvi and Satha for your wonderful hospitality.
On the Friday before we left Annesley  visited our hotel and took us to his house to enjoy a sumptuous dinner at his place. This was attended by Selvi and Satha, and also Justin and Nimala. Other friends were away on holiday and out of the country. We had a lovely time reminiscing the past. Thank you Annesley  and Sonali for the wonderful dinner and the lovely time we had at your place.
In between meeting up with batch mates we did some sight seeing visiting Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, the Botanical gardens  a replica of an Opal mine and taking a Popeye boat ride, St Francis Xavier’s  Cathedral witnessed Chinese dragon dancing as it was the  (Lunar New Year ) and of course souvenir shopping to remind us of our trip.
All good things had to end and we returned home to a freezing England but with fond  memories of the  wonderful holiday we had in Adelaide thanks to the wonderful hospitality of our wonderful batch mates. Hope you enjoy the photos of our trip.
Praxy and Ranjit

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6 thoughts on “More from Praxy”

  1. Thank you Praxy for lovely photos and the account of your trip to Adelaide.
    Seems like both of you packed in a lot of fun in the short week out there.

    Just love the outdoor photo of you /Ranjith/ Satha– strawberry picking– I still do this every summer– have been doing it for nearly 40 +years out here !!

    It was great seeing Satha,/Selvi. Justin/ Nirmala–just like the we met in Adelaide back in 1991 dec. only that Roger and Rosemarie are missing .
    Annesley at that time was living in NZ.

    Dont worry about the cold weather in UK– your trip memories of sunny and warm Adelaide will keep you warm , till the winter is over.

    Thanks again for the photo write up your Mini RU in Adelaide.

    Thanks – Sam The Man– Web Master !!



    1. Dear Deepthie,
      Yes we did pack in a lot a during the few days there. Ranjit and I both seem to enjoy short holidays and this holiday was no exception. Praxy


  2. Thanks Praxy for posting the highlights of you trip to Adelaide and the pictures. It appears you and Ranjith had a good time.

    It is nice to see Satha , Selvi , Justin , Nirmala ,Annesly and Sonali’s pictures.



  3. Dear Praxy & Ranjit,

    Thanks, for sharing beautiful moments
    Nice to see the happiness amongst friends
    Smiles and the sparkle adoring every face
    Now is time to rejoice long held friendships
    Brilliantly shown by everyone in Antipodes


    1. Dear Ariya,
      I think these”catching up with friends” because of your Birthday Salutation project and Sam’s web which has helped us to rekindle our friendships. Praxy


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