8 thoughts on “Update from Praxy”

    1. Kasippu from Punchi Borella & Kotahena is also long forgotten!!!!! ( I was told that Kassippu taste better when more Cockroaches fall into the barrel !!)


  1. Praxy you and Ranjith seems to have had a good time in Adelaide. Did you drink all the wine in front of you. I would have been tipsy after that much wine.



  2. Thank you my dear Praxy for the pics of the Adelaide trip.The red , red fresh strawberries seem so yum-yum. !
    Good to see all of you together=and having fun.

    Did you meet up with Annesley/ wife, Justin/ Nirmala , Roger/ Rosemarie, while you were there ?.

    your photos took me back to a time when I last saw Selvamalar and others, back in 1991 dec, when I was last in Adelaide.
    I think, Annesley was in NZ at that time.
    Post a few more pics , if you have any.

    Glad you and Ranjith had good trip there and back.



  3. Everyone looks very beautiful
    Fabulous photos and a write up depicting sheer joy
    Praxy as always pretty and Ranjith looks a play boy
    Nice to see mates having a good time in Antipodes
    Next huddle up I guess would be in the motherland
    Ariya reporting from Chennai India


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