8 thoughts on “Important Article in NEJM”

  1. Great article Jeeva!
    I have always been an advocate for non opioid strategies for pain control including neuraxial and non neuraixal techniques. Very timely review, and relevant for ICU applications as outlined by our own “Guru” in Critical Care medicine. Thank you Asoka for the share.


    1. Fantastic article on a very topical subject Jeeva.Although I am on holiday , I still managed to find time to read this interesting review. You may be pleased to know that in our hospital we have incorporated ketamine, lidocaine, alpha 2 agonists, NSAID’s into our anaesthetic practice in a big way.


  2. Hi Jeeva,

    Congratulations on the article that was published in the NEJM. It was timely and presented with such clarity and precision. Thanks to Asoka and Sam for sharing with the batch mates.


    Winter Haven, FL


  3. Thanks for publishing the article on our web site , Sam and Asoka.

    Jeeva’s pioneering work on muscle relaxants has been recognized by the American Society of Anesthesiology. He has received awards from the ASA for his work several years ago.

    This new article was read with interest by me. Very nice indeed. Way to go Jeeva.

    Nisantha Banda


  4. Hi Jeewa
    Sorry for the delayed response. Congratulations on the article that was published on a leading Medical Journal. It was well written and well illustrated. I have e-mailed to few of my Anaesthetic friends who are not in our batch.Thanks Asoka and Sam for sharing with our batchmates.Hope to see you at our RU19.


  5. Dear Jeeva

    It came as no surprise to read the article published by you in the New England Journal of Medicine. Though I retired a few years ago,read it with great enthusiasm. “Congratulations” well done Jeeva keep it up very proud of your achievements.


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