Best Wishes to Indragee!

Your birthday on the 29th is one of a kind 
So sending wishes on 28th hope you don’t mind 
May you be blessed with health happiness and good cheer🥂🥂
As you celebrate your birthday with a good glass of beer 🍺 
Praxy and Ranjit

My dear Indrajith,
Though the Maker took for years to include all your good qualities in
We cannot wait four years to celebrate the birthday of a very nice one
Hence a little adjustment made to rejoice your birthday one day early
Please accept our best wishes for a birthday full of happiness &  glory

May you have peace of mind and contentment always
May you have excellent health and a very long life joyous
May all your efforts, expectations and desires come true
May your sincerity and benevolence continue to shine through 
Ariya and Thavamani

Best Wishes to Errol!

baptist bd

My dear Errol,
It is a  great pleasure to recollect good times, had with excellent mates
Very few come close to you for serenity, righteousness and eruditeness
One of the most polite and honest blokes, in the batch, I could recollect
Thanks for trying though in vain, to imbibe on me,  your pristine qualities

Internship one year I had the good fortune to live in the same quarters
Admired the  steadfastness, humanness & genuine  concern on patients
Today we are thrilled to hear the heights reached and accolades you won
With immense fondness wish good health & a long life, to a real noble one  

Errol to see you in person, to reminisce the taste of those fish buns we had,
To cross check how  our lives spent and to stand  on a chair & give you a hug
This little fellow, like the rest of batch is yearning to meet you, in flesh & blood
Beg you my friend, to make a presence at RU, and shoulder to shoulder, stand
Ariya De Silva

We have fond  memories 🤗🤗of our visit with you and Rosemary many years ago.
And it is a great pleasure to recall those from “ many moons” before
We wish you health joy peace longevity and good cheer🎈🎈🎈🎈
And God’s choicest blessings 🙏 to you today and over the coming year.
Praxy and Ranjit

More from Praxy

Dear All

 We had a mini get together on our  recent  trip to Adelaide. Though the stay was only  for 6 nights we enjoyed it thoroughly . Meeting with Selvi and Satha,  Sonali and Annesley  and Justin and Nirmala were one of the highlights of the trip.
The day after we landed Selvi and Satha took us to show the city including the Oval and other points of interest  including beautiful cathedrals . Two days later they took us wine tasting and had a glorious time visiting wineries, picking strawberries, visiting Mount Lofty having not only wine but also coffees and lunch.They took a lot of trouble to show us around. Thank you Selvi and Satha for your wonderful hospitality.
On the Friday before we left Annesley  visited our hotel and took us to his house to enjoy a sumptuous dinner at his place. This was attended by Selvi and Satha, and also Justin and Nimala. Other friends were away on holiday and out of the country. We had a lovely time reminiscing the past. Thank you Annesley  and Sonali for the wonderful dinner and the lovely time we had at your place.
In between meeting up with batch mates we did some sight seeing visiting Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, the Botanical gardens  a replica of an Opal mine and taking a Popeye boat ride, St Francis Xavier’s  Cathedral witnessed Chinese dragon dancing as it was the  (Lunar New Year ) and of course souvenir shopping to remind us of our trip.
All good things had to end and we returned home to a freezing England but with fond  memories of the  wonderful holiday we had in Adelaide thanks to the wonderful hospitality of our wonderful batch mates. Hope you enjoy the photos of our trip.
Praxy and Ranjit

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