Best Wishes to Shanti !!

BD pics Dalpe

Happy Birthday to Shanthi Dalpadadu

My dear mate, wishing you a brilliant birthday
This card comes across seven seas a long way
If there had been an apt name, given to a man
Shanthi by name and by deeds, you are known

Very thoughtful considerate and pleasingly erudite
Motto is more work & less talk yet every word is a truth precise
Never a harmful word comes out nor a thought crosses the mind
Shanti by name, by deeds, by words and probably too by thoughts

Silent steady worker, trustworthy
Protects & rates friendships admirably
A great asset to the batch, no nonsense
Follows the Dhamma path very diligently

Our friendship over fifty five years been a good one
Because you are a fine listener to this talkative one
Many a tight corner  in my life needed your counsel
Always the correct path, kindly  showed me & no bull

I wish you a fabulous birthday full of joy and happiness
May you be blessed with peace of mind and good health
May you have a long cherished life with your lovely wife
And may your life continue to be bright jovial and serene

14 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Shanti !!

    Dear Shanthi
    Today is a day of great rejoicing and celebration, 🥂🥂
    So we wish you happy birthday on this special occasion 🎂
    May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you.
    Along with our wishes🤗🤗 for good health and happiness too .💐
    Praxy and Ranjit.


  2. Happy Birthday , and All Good Wishes to you Shanthi-,

    May you have a Happy Day day today with your family, and continue to enjoy many more Happy Days in the years ahead.



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