Dear friends in  Adelaide.Ranjit and I will be Adelaide from the 3rd to the 9th of February and will be staying at the Mayfair Hotel in the CBD and   it will be nice to meet up with you.
  We are hoping to meet Annesley at his place on the 8th night. Thank you Annesley for inviting us.

Kind Regards.


17 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Fabulous, Ranjit and Praxy,
    Good luck to our Globe trotting couple
    Good job for you two jet lag is a doddle
    Must be clocking more air miles than a pilot
    Never allow for grass to go under your feet


    1. Hey Ariya
      How about your collecting “cruise miles on your wonderful 🚢 cruises. Ranjit and I are very fortunate that we both do not suffer from jet lag. Once we travelled to Manchester from 🇭🇰 HongKong after seeing Tania and after two hours at Manchester we flew to Melbourne to see Joe. I hope advancing age does not catch up to put” dampers” to flying. Praxy


  2. Hi Praxy and Ranjith—Have A Good Trip- to Adelaide and back, meet up with all our mates, send us photos, in your next post.

    I was there back in 1991– and met up with- Justin/ Nirmala, and even stayed in their home for one or two nights. They were away , but were very kind to let us use their home.

    We also met for dinner–with Roger/ Rosemarie, Satha / Selvie– I did post those pics for Selvamalar’s Bday, last year, or so, if any one wants to take a look us ” the way we were”!


  3. Hi Deepthie
    Thank you. Hope will get to meet Satha and Selvie.I was not sure of how many of our batch mates are in Adelaide till Annesley mentioned. That part of Australia we have not been so looking forward to going there even for a short spells. Praxy


  4. Have a word with your Pilot – To drop you in Sydney for few days on your way to Adelaide.
    I will be meeting Lakshmen next week in Sydney. We can have a mini RU !!


    1. Dear Seelan
      Will see if the pilot can drop us off on the way to Adelaide. Will give him a small “ santhosam” and try my charm. We should have thought about it earlier 🤔🤔🤔 Praxy


  5. Hi Praxy
    Looking forward to meeting you in Adelaide.
    Now that we know you are going to be here for a few days we can organise to do something- would you like to visit the wineries sample some of our wines? It is the best attraction SA has to offer although we do have a lot of churches and parks.
    Satha and Selvi


    1. Dear Selvie and Satha
      We look foreword to meeting up with you. Sounds a good idea to visit the wineries. See you soon


  6. Have a safe and enjoyable trip Praxy and Ranjith. Say Piching and I said Hello to our friends Down Under.

    A nice way to enjoy the warm Australian summer.



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