Best Wishes to Selvamalar!!

Happy birthday Selvi,
Wish a joyous birthday, fulfilling and  very happy
Fortunate girl to get a holiday on birthday, being an Aussie
One of, if not the youngest in our batch and also very lucky
To get a handsome erudite man, our Satha, as your hubby

We missed you at both the reunions, recent
Please come with Satha in October, for the next
Wish you good health and peace of mind always
And with Satha a fabulously enchanting long life

Dear Selvie
With birthday salutations coming into fruition 👍
It is easy to send birthday greetings across the ocean 🌊 🛥
So we both wish you many happy returns of the day💐
And good health and longevity  to come your way.🌹🌸🌼🌻
Praxy and Ranjit

11 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Selvamalar!!”

  1. Dear Selvi,
    Many happy returns of the day & many many more to come.
    You are the lucky one to have the birthday celebrations on a public holiday. I am sure all your family members will be at your place today.
    Our regards to Satha as well.
    Seelan & Jean.


  2. Happy Birthday my dear Selvamalar–my good friend from the S gp.

    May you have a Very Happy Birthday Day today, and Enjoy this day ,along with the National Holiday Day in Aussie Land!

    Yes– you were indeed one of the youngest in the class, and one of the most lovely ones at that–and lucky Handsome Satha, as Ariya says!!!

    Remember those days at the ” Block”??–when we were all ‘body partners”?–you and Paul ( who just about did nothing and you did all the hard work,!) my self and Lakshman Senanayake, Satha and the rest of the S gang, hanging on to what ever body parts we were assigned to.

    Just cannot believe that we lived through it all-and lived for another 55 years, to “tell the tale”!!!!
    The one and only time I was fortunate to see you, was when I visited Adelaide, back in Dec1991 I think.
    Then Justin/ Nirmala, Roger/ Rosemary, and your self /Satha , treated me, and my husband to a very lovely evening/ dinner at a nice place, by the Adelaide river.

    We all missed you at the 2014 RU, and at the 2018 RU, so please do try to attend the RU-2019–so we may all meet again!
    Time waits for no one–so, lets meet !
    your S gp buddy–Deepthie.


    1. Dear Selvamalar,

      It gives me great pleasure to wish a wonderful birthday to a batch mate of the class of 64.

      Many more great returns,

      With warm regards to you and family,



  3. Dear Selvamalar

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday. Hope you are well enough to travel to London this year to meet your relatives in Greenford ,if you make it please let me know I would love to meet you and Satha. I don’t think we met each other since graduation.

    Have a lovely celebration.




  4. Dear Selvi,
    Wish you a very happy Birthday. Have a great day with Satha and the family.
    You are welcome to visit me again in Durham when you next you come to UK.
    With love,


  5. Dear Selvi
    A very happy B’day to you and many more returns. I note you have moved to a new address recently. Hope you have both settled down happily. Would like to meet you both once again, hopefully at the next RU.
    Greetings to Satha as well.
    David & Rajini


  6. Happy birthday Selvamalar wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Must plan a trip again. We are in SL.


  7. My dear colleagues
    Thank you very much for your wishes on my birthday. I am touched by all the messages I received from you.


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