Another Proud Moment!


Prominent Batch-Mate , fellow Jeevakite and my dear friend Esiri Karunaratne was just awarded recognition for his remarkable achievement of 42 years of service to the community as a radiologist, by the Hospital Network, UPMC, in Pennsylvania. This was the first time a Radiologist was given this award. Equally imprtant is to note the “Certificate of acknowledgement” by his children Lanka and Kolitha, who were in attendance at the ceremony.

Congratulations Esiri!

We are all proud of you.


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23 thoughts on “Another Proud Moment!”

  1. Fantastic News, Fantastic Award & Recognition to a Fantastic Fellow

    Dear Esiri,
    Early morning the best news we got and what a fantastic feat
    Thavamani joins me in congratulating your achievement great
    God has been in an extraordinarily kind mood when he made you
    HE has combined a brilliant mind, a kind heart, and good looks too

    You bring great honour and pride by the way you treat the world
    That omnipresent smile pours out immense compassion from heart
    Soft and gentle, yet always kind and thoughtful, smile and words flow
    Must be described as the gift of God, decorating our clever medical fellow

    Dear Karu, to hear such high stupendous recognition for dedication and quality of work
    Is sweet music to every mate’s ear, matching your angelic musical talent, you treat us all
    You have brought immense honour to your family, mother Lanka and to the batch 64
    May you have blessings to carry on saving lives as well tingling ear drums of every fellow

    Ariya and Thavamani


    1. Dear Ariya,

      Thank you very much for your heart warming comments.You are too kind.I also thank all my batch mates who
      has responded for their comments and congratulatory messages.

      With Love to Everyone.

      Esiri and Family.


  2. Thanks for the RU web site, three years on & going strong

    Thanks Sam for your foresight to start this special corridor for us
    Thanks for bringing such wonderful news of our mates very dear to us
    Thanks for tying us with such a strong fetter feels and moves as one
    Thanks for the dedication, energy and unselfish devotion for everyone of us


  3. Dear Esiri

    Proud of your accomplishments.

    When your dreams and goals, include service to others,

    Accomplishing something that contributes to others- It also accelerates in leaps and bounds the

    accomplishment of that goal.


  4. Hearty Congratulations to you my dear friend Esiri–Proud Son of Sri Lanka,to be awarded such an honor ,half a world away, almost half a century later.
    Yes–you are truly A Gift to The Class Of Sixty Four.

    To Chandrika, Kolitha and Lanka–Good Wishes to you all, and many thanks for sharing this wonderful moment with The Class Of Sixty Four.

    To Sam–many thanks for the creation of The Web–to trap and store all these wonderful news about The Class Of Sixty Four.

    I have bragging rights,on the lighter side of your illustrious life, in saying that was your batchmate, and sang songs with you and Nisantha,and Faizal Zava, in the good old days of The Pittsburgh Parties, and again , on the bus, that very memorable bus trip from Kynsey Road Faculty, to Beruwala in 2014 !!

    Come , sing to us again , let us all enjoy your singing, and swing to the sweet music once again , in Sri Lanka, RU-2019,October 4,5,6—



  5. Congratulations Esiri. It is nice to see that your your dedication, work ethics, kindness , compassion was recognized by your colleagues, the institutions you work at and the community.

    Piching and I are proud to be associated with you as a true friend and a batch mate.

    Nisantha and Piching


  6. Congratulations Esiri. You made all your batchmates and all of Sri Lanka proud of you. You are a great ambassador for Sri Lanka. God Bless you and yours.

    Cletus (ICM)


  7. Congratulations Esiri on receiving the Healthcare Lifetime Achievement.

    Best wishes to your family.

    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven, Fl


  8. Congratulations on your brilliance and have people acknowledge that. Proud to have have you for a friend and batch mate. Wish you and your family all the best. Dharma


    1. Dear Dharma,

      Thank you for the kind words.It is always nice to hear from you. We had such great fun at the prior reunion with your great skit with me playing nurse.None knew till the end.

      Wishing you and family the very best,



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