6 thoughts on “Art & Engineering

  1. Thanks Maria and Praxy.—-Very interesting indeed!

    We have a similar high rise condo tower in Mississauga Ontario, called Marilyn Monroe Towers–complete with all the curves!!

    It is right in front of the condo that I used to live in, before I moved out to my country cabin in rural Ontario.,far far from the maddening crowds.

    Rajes lives just a few miles down the road from the Marylin Monroe Towers.–very pricey Real Estate-Location-Location-Location!!

    Marina–the next time you are in Toronto,/Mississauga -take a look at MM Towers.

    eagled–that flew off the cuckoos nest!!!


    • Dear Deepthie
      Yes it is fascinating to see how the two figures become one.How do they do it? Next time I am in Canada I must see it. Praxy


  2. Here is my guess-the two structures are on a moving/rotating base,and as they move, they appear to merge seamlessely- an engineering marvel!
    eaglemd—and-not eagleeng!!


  3. An engineering marvel. Thanks for posting it Praxy.

    After merging the man disappears. What happened? Perhaps he appears on the other side. I think I can see a little bit of him.? This may be fascinating to witness live. I wonder where this sculpture is located.



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