6 thoughts on “Art & Engineering”

  1. Thanks Maria and Praxy.—-Very interesting indeed!

    We have a similar high rise condo tower in Mississauga Ontario, called Marilyn Monroe Towers–complete with all the curves!!

    It is right in front of the condo that I used to live in, before I moved out to my country cabin in rural Ontario.,far far from the maddening crowds.

    Rajes lives just a few miles down the road from the Marylin Monroe Towers.–very pricey Real Estate-Location-Location-Location!!

    Marina–the next time you are in Toronto,/Mississauga -take a look at MM Towers.

    eagled–that flew off the cuckoos nest!!!


    1. Dear Deepthie
      Yes it is fascinating to see how the two figures become one.How do they do it? Next time I am in Canada I must see it. Praxy


  2. Here is my guess-the two structures are on a moving/rotating base,and as they move, they appear to merge seamlessely- an engineering marvel!
    eaglemd—and-not eagleeng!!


  3. An engineering marvel. Thanks for posting it Praxy.

    After merging the man disappears. What happened? Perhaps he appears on the other side. I think I can see a little bit of him.? This may be fascinating to witness live. I wonder where this sculpture is located.



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