16 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Wimal!!”

    Dear Wimal
    Happy 😊 birthday πŸ°πŸŽ‰to our dear friend,πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
    Who is, and will be special right to the very end.
    So celebrate this special day and know that we wish you,
    God’s Choicest blessings and success in all you do πŸ’πŸ’
    Praxy and Ranjit


  2. My dear Wimal, Happy Birthday!
    Birthdays come thick and fast especially for us septuagenarians
    Yet your looks, good nature and attitude to friends remain same
    From first day our eyes met in the medical school, world famous
    We appreciate your jovial nature, astute Sterling caring qualities

    May you have a wonderful birthday full of joy and laughter
    May you have excellent, healthy long life like sparkling solar
    May you have peace of mind and contentment ever & ever
    May you change mind, for sake of friends, next RU, appear


  3. Happy Birthday Greetings to you my dear Wimal. Have a great day with lovely Iranthie and family.

    IT was great being with you both last year, and all the fun we had with the Borrowing Owls , and all the bird watching we did for two days at the Florida Everglades!
    Many thanks for the most generous hospitality.

    Remember our old ,old schooldays at that little school in Keleniya, when you,me, Anslem were in the same class-grade 4??.
    Then we three were together again as Interns at Ragama–small world, for A Great Class of Sixty Four!

    Please do your best to come for the RU-2019-October-in SL.
    See you and Iranthie soon !



    1. My dear Deepthie and Wimal,
      Love to hear the story of three great personalities of our batch
      Shared the same classroom and well over six decades & much
      What a story told so lovingly by the best story teller amongst us
      What a wonderful world and what a wonderful batch we all got in


  4. Piching joins me to wish you many happy returns of the day Wimal. All the best now and years to come.

    I shall call you later in the day to wish you the very best and have a chit chat.


  5. Many happy returns dear Wimal and may you be blessed with good health and contentment in the years to come. We have missed you at last wo RUs and hope to see your sparkling self this year in October.
    With much regards,


    1. Dear Wimal,

      It gives me great pleasure to wish you a wonderful birthday and many more great returns.

      We have been family friends as well as colleagues and had nice times together especially at Jeewaka.

      May you have fine health and long life.

      Best regards to Iranthie and family.



  6. Our dear Wimal,
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Haven’t heard from you for a while.
    Wish you & Iranthie the best for 2019
    Seelan & Jean.


  7. Dear Wimal, very happy birthday wishes to you from SL. wish you many more happy returns. Thank you for the wonderful time in Florida. Including birding tours. Dharma


  8. Dear Wimal
    Happy Birthday & for many more years to come Some how you should be there for RU 2019
    Gods blessings
    Ranjit Aley


  9. Dear Wimal ,
    Our best wishes for your birthday. May you have a healthy and happy life with your family and friends for many more years.
    Satha and Selvi


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