15 thoughts on “Sophia”

  1. Thanks Praxy
    What a beautiful dance to wake up for
    What a much loved actress to wake up for
    All the past films seen came rushing back
    Thank you for reminding Sophia Lauren


  2. Sophia Loren!!-What lovely woman she is- in all spheres-body, soul,spirit and mind…

    Many years ago I watched a tv movie of her life story-how her single unwed mother raised little Sophia (this is her “stage name”) against all odds thrown at her ,back in the puritanical european times.

    Her mother was Sophia’s greatest role model,and for me Sophia Loren—-I still continue to draw Lessons of Life,from the Life of Sophia Loren.

    Thank you Praxy (Francine!!!!!) for this post.
    by the way–what is the story of ‘Francine’??


  3. Sophia Loren what an actress and what a beautiful woman. Thanks Praxy for the video.Enjoyed the dance moves too.



    1. Dear Deepthie and Seelan
      You are both correct. I will be doing all sorts of dances with my bionic knees at the next RU.So Seelan make sure you are there to witness it.Deepthie of course will be definitely there 😊 Praxy


  4. Hey Bionic Woman—I just got an idea–now that our good friend suggested The Italian Mumba, perhaps both of you can give us a demo class 101 on the Mumba Moves- and we can all learn something new in our Golden Days!!
    I will be the Cheer Leader in the audience.
    Baila Kumari!


  5. Thanks Praxy. It was really nice to enjoy the clips from old films and see the several of the old ‘greats’ again.

    At Bloem we had a guy who would drag a chair to the balcony and with a cigarette in hand, keep staring up at the clouds seeing the shapes of film stars. Elizabeth Taylor and Sophie Loren were his favourites. He would shout out “ඒයි ඒයි!! අර බලපන් මචං සොෆියා ලොරේන්”
    If he attends our next RU he will no doubt tell you all about his fantasies.

    Thanks again,


    1. Desert CJ
      It will be interesting to know who this person is🕺🏽. We all would love to know. Hope he comes 🕴. Praxy


  6. Fantasy World indeed to see Sophia Loren in the Clouds–taking this guy to Seventh Heaven!!

    ,If you folks have the time , watch the movie “Two Women”(1960)–for which she won the Oscar.
    It will bring you all right down to earth so to speak ,with her marvelous acting.

    She is now 84 — only Sophia Loren will,and can look like Sophia Loren ,at 84!!!
    Gotta be THE most beautiful woman in the world– in all aspects, despite the Rags To Riches fame and fortune…

    Praxy–you really got me going on my Role Model !!!



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