7 thoughts on “Happy Thaipongal !”

  1. Thanks for posting this – Sam & Ariya.

    For those who dont know the meaning :- Thai = January ; Pongal = Boiling rice.

    Thai Pongal is mainly celebrated to convey appreciation to the Sun God for a successful harvest. Part of the celebration is the boiling of the first rice of the season consecrated to the Sun – the Surya Maangalyam – performed when the Sun rises.

    Every year this festival falls in mid January. It is celebrated by Tamils mainly in India, SriLanka, Malaysia , Singapore & many other countries where Tamils live. It is more than 1000 years old.

    I wish good luck & successful harvesting to all the paddy farmers.


  2. Happy Thaipongal

    Thank you, Seelan for the explanation
    Of term, Thaipongal, the true meaning
    We too had a beautiful pongal morning
    Right at the dawn of the life giving Sun
    Ariya and Thavamani


    1. Thaipongal

      We do have celebrations of very many kinds
      Compared to Thaipongal they are superfluous
      Our entire world is the product of life giving Sun
      If no Sun, no planets no life hard to imagine even

      If a slight drop in the power of Solar beam
      Will return to ice age freezing every being
      If few degrees or so temperature Goes up
      All fauna and flora will turn to an ash heap

      Sun is the one needs respect must revere
      Earth the cradle provides us like a mother
      Every comfort we take for granted is free
      Imagine the cost if, put to light & rain water

      So my dear friends we have one earth
      Abley supported by Sun which is the truth
      To use it carefully and most respectfully
      For future beings is our responsible naturally
      Ariya thoughts


  3. Happy Thaipongal every one.
    Thanks Seelan for the explanation. A picture is worth a thousand words. When I look at the picture that Sam posted I can see all the pretty ladies ready to serve spoons full of rice.



  4. Thank you Sam for the post on Thai Pongal,and Seelan for the meaning of this -to honor the most important source of life–The Sun.

    Ariya–many thanks for the most beautiful way you so very poetically describe The Source Of Life–The Sun.
    Food for Thoughts on Climate Change…

    The sun was shining brightly for us here in Ontario,Canada for three consecutive days–which was a rare treat,and then right after Thai Pongal Day, it just decided to go behind the clouds, after wishing us Happy Thaipongal !

    We had the most beautiful sun rises for three days,,with Morning Star (Venus) and Jupitor side by side on the morning dawn sky,as if the brightest of Planets Worlds were out there to greet The Sun.

    Rajes explained to me the meaning of Thai Pongal,and she was making the Rice,as it should, on that day.

    Thanks to all-eagled


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