7 thoughts on “Jeevaka in the news!”

  1. Dear Sam
    It was very interesting to read about Jeewaka Hostel and its origin .I am sure at the start, with having to 😴 sleep on mattresses on the floor it would have been uncomfortable 😣. But still the beauty of it all is that it made you all yo be wonderful doctors who have progressed well in life to be recognised as great Physicians and Surgeons. Thank you Sam for posting this article which I read with great interest.Hip hip hurray to all the Jeewakites 🥂


    1. Thanks Praxy, It brought back sweet memories of the place on Turret Rd. It was also sad to note the list of those who lived with us then and now passed, some at very young age.


    2. Sorry I forgot to mention GPS Obstetricians and Gynaecologists among the great Physicians, and consultants of other specialties as great achievers.


    3. Wonderful article by Dr.Upul Wijayawardhana about Jeewaka.

      I did spend 5 glorious years at Jeewaka.The friendship and fellowship among the group was incomparable.

      My room mates were Siri Kanna and Wije Kotta.Nisantha Banda was in the adjoining room with great friendship among us.

      I was part of the musical group with me playing the drums and singing with Sam playing the base,Mohan Lal Fernando playing the piano accordian and Harsha the guitar.Everyone joined in and was a highlight of our stay at Jeewaka.

      The socials were nice too with Praxy among others joining in.

      The Liberty Cinema which was close by was a great respite from studying with movies like My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music,Guns of Navarone etc.

      Prof. R.P. Jayawardena was indeed a wonderful warden and a great asset.



  2. My medical school days were very enjoyable due to the accommodations at Jeewaka Hostel. The pioneers of Jeewaka had done such a marvelous job , that when I moved in with Wije Kotta to the Turret Road premises ,we had a wonderful place to live in. Esiri and Siri Kanna were already at the hostel. Sam moved to the hostel a little later and so did Wimal and Bandula Jayaratna.

    The comradry that existed among the med students , batch mates seniors and juniors was remarkable.

    I make a point to visit the hostel when ever I make a trip to Sri Lanka. Piching and I visited the hostel in October 2018 when we were in Sri Lanka.

    Thank you Sam for posting the article about Jeewaka.



  3. Thanks Sam for posting this. From a Kittiyite let me join Praxy to say Hip , hip, hooray for Jeevaka and all Jeevakites. My close friend and boss Dr. R.C. Rajapaksha is one of the oldest living Jeevakites.


  4. Well done and Well said and very proud to have you’ Jeevaka Boys’ in the Class of Sixty Four.

    Lovely photo of the Jeevakites-RU-2018.

    Thank you Sam for this post and I did not know, that you were one of The Jeevaka Boys,and that you played the base drums !!


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