Greatest Reunion

Boost fledging memories of participants of the carnival  glorious
Entice & persuade the doubters as well the unsure, reluctant mates
A pictorial poetic summary, highlight of four years ago, inserted here
To entice  every Tom, Dick & Harry, to come & join Anne, Alice & Kate

Ariya Head shot


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7 thoughts on “Greatest Reunion”

  1. Thank you Ariya for the wonderful way you have presented the RU- 2014 at Eden.

    Memories are made of these – and it is time we did this again .– 55 years since we all met, back in sept 1964 !

    To The Class of 64- Till We Meet Again on the Green Green Grass of Home ….

    October 4,5,6 – 2019- at Eden once more !– just to re-visit this beautiful moment in time …



  2. Dear Ariya
    What amazing poems for us to reminisce that wonderful RU.🎉🎉🎉🎉 Your poems are a great reminder of what a great batch we are👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦.Thank 🙏 you for that lovely compilation giving every minute detail of the occasion.
    My thanks go to you for the Birthday 🎂 Salutation project you started and also to our web master Sam for establishing this wonderful web which helps us to communicate with each other.
    I am sure RU 19 will be another milestone in our lives and we must make the most of it as no one knows how near we are to take off from the departure lounge.
    So let’s unite and celebrate it this year and those who are still undecided please make sure, you grace this occasion so that we can make the most of it and enjoy this RU which will etch great memories in our aging 🧠 brains.


  3. Dear Ariya and Praxy– both of you know, just how to say it Right !

    To all those Undecided Ones who are ‘sitting on the fence ‘– take another look at this post and make that Small Step for Your Self, and a Giant Leap for Class of 64 .
    Yes- Lets Unite and Celebrate , before it is too late ..

    See you ALL in 9 months and a few days ( EDD- Oct 4- 2019 !! ) ie the Gestation Period for the Birth of 55 th Anniversary for The Class of 64 Baby !!

    eagled– counting the days and I hope I got the ‘dates ‘ right– Obgyn folks help this aging brain to count the days !


  4. Thank you Indragee, Deepthie and Praxy,
    For approving the write up on RU14, sexy
    It certainly was a celebration extraordinary
    Hope all mates will join RU19 to liven the party


  5. Ariya I just read your account of the RU 64 and view the very nice photographs. As usual very eloquently described. Thank you for rekindling all the pleasant memories.

    I hope our aging brains as Praxy put it, would remember the wonderful times we spent as medical students and as batch mates till the bitter end. I hope we could remember the wonderful times together at our reunions also till the bitter end.

    When I see some of our colleagues and friends who are our age and some of them even a bit younger , not being able to go places because of ill health , how fortunate we are to be able to drop everything and go places at a moments notice.



    1. Dear Ariya,

      It is a wonderful compilation of the events at the 2014 reunion as only Ariya can do.

      The poems and the pictures are exquisite and the philosophical thoughts sublime.

      You are considered a TREASURE we batch mates possess.

      As I always say, you are indeed the “Flower Of The Flock”.

      May you continue to enjoy your life and be long lived so that we could enjoy your brilliant poems,composition etc.


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