Mini RU in Colombo, Jan 7th , 2019

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It so happened that Asokan and I  with our wives were on the same flight to Colombo. We wished to meet resident and migrant (avian lingo) batch mates. One call to Aley and we had 6 migrant and 7 residents. Aley called them Foreign Bodies (FB)and Locals. Some of the spouses  were able to join. There were 20 in all. We had a lovely time. We were the loudest and rowdiiest in Palmyra, Renuka Hotel with  Alley, Shoukat and Gaspar as main entertainers. Anoja was at the burnt of most jokes. Being a great sport and best friend to most she took them all in stride. Aley has trained her well !!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures  I took with the phone 
 Wish more  batch mates were there.

8 thoughts on “Mini RU in Colombo, Jan 7th , 2019”

  1. Thanks Dharma !
    Great Mini RU photos – Looks like all of you had a great time , by the looks of it !!
    Hope to see all of you at the next BIG RU- October 4th, 5th 6th 2019 . somewhere in Srilanaka .
    Surprised to see so many Foreign Bodies !! — I guess they are is Festive Holiday Season Travellers/ Snow Birds .


  2. Nice to hear from you Dharma. Unfortunately I cannot see the photos but read the details of your mini RU.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday we just got back here in time for the New Year.


  3. Thanks a lot Dharma for those lovely photos. Mini RUs keep the spirits up in between the main ones.
    Thanks again,


  4. Thanks Dharma,

    Our guys do enjoy each other’s company so much
    It is exhilarating to hear of another mini RU of batch
    Brilliant photographs exhibit the professional touch
    Wonderful friends among entry ‘64 & there’s no froth
    Ariya thoughts


  5. Thanks Dharma for sharing the photos. As usual everyone seems to be enjoying each others company and having a rollicking time.

    Our time together is going to be shorter and shorter as all of us are quite aware. Therefore we have to enjoy all the mini reunions we possibly can.

    Nisantha Banda


  6. Good on you Dharma. We are all having mini RU now & then which is good fun.

    I went to SriLanka with 14 of my relatives from Malaysia on a conducted tour – (July 2017). We visited east, west & north including some of the islands :- Punkudu Theevu ( The man who built the twin tower in KL – Ananda Krishnan’s home village ) & one of my BIL’s village – Karai Nagar. Toddy was not a problem!!!

    We spent the last 2 days in Colombo. I shouted a dinner for my relatives at the Palmyrah (Renuka). At short notice, Aley, Narme & Dalpe joined us. It was FUN – Micro RU. We had “KOOL” “Appam” etc – of course with plenty of Scotch


  7. Dear Dharma
    Thanks for the lovely photos. Yesterday I tried to view them on my iPhone buy couldn’t. But today I managed to view them on my laptop and they are very good. Looks like you all have had a great time.
    I hope all of them on the photo will attend the RU too.

    Ranjit A please make sure they all say ”yes” to attend the RU.



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