17 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Saroja!!”

  1. Wish you A Very Happy Birthday Saroja. I don’t think I have met you nor your family since graduation. It was sad I could not make it to the reunion last October. Are you planning a visit this year?
    Wish you good health and happiness.



  2. Dear Saroja,
    Wish you many happy returns of the day and may happiness good health and longevity be with you today and all throughout the coming years. Praxy and Ranjit


  3. Happy Birthday to you Saroja !
    May you enjoy this day with Kones and all your children and grand children , and have many more Happy Birthdays in the Years Ahead .

    It was great seeing you and Kones at Eden , just a few months ago and Kones adding his theatrical skills to entertain us , which was totally hilarious !!

    Hope to see both of you again at the Class of 64 RU – 2019 October in Srilanka– at the BIG 55 Year Event ( 1964- 2019 ) .

    Deepthie .


  4. Piching joins me to wish you Many happy returns of the day Saroja. All the best now and years to come.

    Piching and I were glad that we were able to interact with you and Kones at the reunion. I was glad that my brother was able to give us a ride to the reunion from Colombo. It was nice chatting with you and Kones on our trip and at the rehearsals.

    I was glad that Kones took part in the skit , all Dharma’s work , though. Kones gets the Oscar.

    Nisantha and Piching


  5. hello Saro

    Wish you a very happy Birthday. cant believe that it is over 50 years since we met. Have a wonderful day with your family All the best.

    Love rajes.


  6. Dear Saroja, Wish you a very happy birthday. It was really nice to spend time with you and Kones (what an actor) at the last RU.
    Hope to see you both again soon.
    Have a great birthday,


  7. Dear Saroja
    Wish you a happy birthday.I am sure you would have celebrated it surrounded by Kones,Children and grandchildren. Hope to see you and Kones at RU 2019.


  8. Dear Saroja
    Wish you happiness,good health and prosperity on your birthday. best wishes for many more birthdays to come
    Selvi & Satha


  9. Dear Saroja
    Wish you all the very best & for many more long years
    Remembering the mad hatter crowd during our intern days at Castle Steet
    Warm Regards
    Ranjit Aley


  10. Happy birthday Saroja. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Nice seeing you and Kones at the last two RUs. Thanks to Kones for the award winning performance. Appreciate the last minute fill in. We are at Chavakacheri taking care of the art gallery.


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