10 thoughts on “Sigiriya Frescoes”

  1. Dear Prexy ,
    Do not worry your pretty head, much over the typo
    She is pretty to qualify as a live, loving example too
    As you mentioned a clever idea and a good match
    King Kashypa’s taste on women I too like very much


  2. Thanks Sam.The story of the Sigiriya maidens unfolds many possibilities.Historians and Archaeologists often differ in their interpretations.The contemporary view dates it around the mid 6th century AC.Questions abound.Why were clouds included in the paintings?The close association of the local religious sects with the Mahayana scholar Nagarjuna during the 6/7 th century AC.Then ,Could it be Tara? and why in “Sihi-Giri”(remembrance rock).It may have nothing to do with Kasyappa.!!Eddie.


  3. ” Sigiri Landune, Ayei oba thanivee, So dukheni Inney …. ” — so goes that most beautiful song by Somapala / Chitra a long , long time ago …

    Thank you Sam, for the lovely post , of Then and Now .


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