Best Wishes to Shanti !!

BD pics Dalpe

Happy Birthday to Shanthi Dalpadadu

My dear mate, wishing you a brilliant birthday
This card comes across seven seas a long way
If there had been an apt name, given to a man
Shanthi by name and by deeds, you are known

Very thoughtful considerate and pleasingly erudite
Motto is more work & less talk yet every word is a truth precise
Never a harmful word comes out nor a thought crosses the mind
Shanti by name, by deeds, by words and probably too by thoughts

Silent steady worker, trustworthy
Protects & rates friendships admirably
A great asset to the batch, no nonsense
Follows the Dhamma path very diligently

Our friendship over fifty five years been a good one
Because you are a fine listener to this talkative one
Many a tight corner  in my life needed your counsel
Always the correct path, kindly  showed me & no bull

I wish you a fabulous birthday full of joy and happiness
May you be blessed with peace of mind and good health
May you have a long cherished life with your lovely wife
And may your life continue to be bright jovial and serene

Sinhala Slang Update

CJ Deepthie Edit

Dear Sam,
It has been my experience when visiting Sri Lanka and travelling by train or bus, or going to see matches (school or international), or waiting for a three wheeler or being anywhere in town, or watching tele dramas and  especially when we entertain young people who are  in UK for studies or for sports that you hear words and terms that you have no clue about. Some of the terms we used in our time still persist, but with subtle variations in how they are used.
I have attached a list of some examples  which might prove useful to  those of us who have not  ‘been in touch’. Often, when I ask youngsters at a  party or a dinner “මොකක්ද ඒ වචෙනෙ තේරුම?” (what was the meaning of that word?) the reply I get is” අයීයෝ අන්කල්  ඒක අහල නැද්ද?” (why Uncle, have you not heard it before?).
If you feel this is worth going on the Batch Blog, please post it.
With best wishes,
PS: After the RU 64, Seelan and I started collecting a list of  terms that were peculiar to Bloemites and other medicos, but it gradually petered out. Might be worth reviving it if people are happy to contribute. Some terms which I recall include:
 Eg: ‘Neots’ – nothing, empty, don’t know.  Punt -cigarette. ‘Don’t give it to the bugger, he will put it in the well’ – don’t give him a ‘pull’ from your punt because he will put his spit all over it,  ‘Jackson’- chap who goes behind girls and puts a ‘heththu’ especially in a bus or in a crowd (wesak time), ‘fracture’ – tricking someone to buy you a meal or take a group of you for a film, ‘Saami bugger’ – very quiet and religious fellow who won’t join in the fun, ‘Bit’ – woman or girl, ‘Cod’ – nurse, Badu kaaraya – womaniser, ‘malignant circle’ – gathering of people in the lobby for a ‘con chat’, ‘ a Rasheed’  (named after Ameer Rasheed)_ – a man who can sell you your own bike.



Dear friends in  Adelaide.Ranjit and I will be Adelaide from the 3rd to the 9th of February and will be staying at the Mayfair Hotel in the CBD and   it will be nice to meet up with you.
  We are hoping to meet Annesley at his place on the 8th night. Thank you Annesley for inviting us.

Kind Regards.


Best Wishes to Selvamalar!!

Happy birthday Selvi,
Wish a joyous birthday, fulfilling and  very happy
Fortunate girl to get a holiday on birthday, being an Aussie
One of, if not the youngest in our batch and also very lucky
To get a handsome erudite man, our Satha, as your hubby

We missed you at both the reunions, recent
Please come with Satha in October, for the next
Wish you good health and peace of mind always
And with Satha a fabulously enchanting long life

Dear Selvie
With birthday salutations coming into fruition 👍
It is easy to send birthday greetings across the ocean 🌊 🛥
So we both wish you many happy returns of the day💐
And good health and longevity  to come your way.🌹🌸🌼🌻
Praxy and Ranjit

Best Wishes to Seelan!!

Seelan BD edit

A privilege and pride to call you our dear friend
The batch 64, is lucky that you chose to join in
It is indeed a great pleasure to send birthday greetings
To one of the most lovable mates in the batch 64 renown

On your birthday taxing my rickety old brain
Shall reminisce great happiness, to us you’ve given
About  twenty of us the batch  Blomites  had a double dose
Of fun and frolic you created making student lives really joyous

May you have a great day surrounded by the closest  kith and kin
Party in the mansion sure be prim & proper with magical touch of Jean
We know it well having enjoyed your fabulous hospitality not very long ago
Our wishes are for peace, contentment and a happy healthy long life with Jean
Ariya and Thavamani


In our “Sig group” 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 you were one ☝️ of the quietest
Who would not even attempt to say “boo to a goose “🦆
But over the years you have turned out to be one of the wittiest 👨‍🎓
Therefore we cannot afford to let you run loose.

In case abundance of Chivas Regal 🥃makes you just do that,
Will get Jean to  keep a tab on you and not let you fall flat.
But enjoy the special day 🎂 with your beloved Jean,
As we wish you God’s choicest blessings to you and your queen 🗼
Praxy and Ranjit

Another Proud Moment!


Prominent Batch-Mate , fellow Jeevakite and my dear friend Esiri Karunaratne was just awarded recognition for his remarkable achievement of 42 years of service to the community as a radiologist, by the Hospital Network, UPMC, in Pennsylvania. This was the first time a Radiologist was given this award. Equally imprtant is to note the “Certificate of acknowledgement” by his children Lanka and Kolitha, who were in attendance at the ceremony.

Congratulations Esiri!

We are all proud of you.


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