Sad farewell

Chandra Rodrigo, Sad Farewell
On Christmas Day we  bade farewell to our beloved friend Chandra Rodrigo. It was very moving to see his frail body lying there looking so peaceful.It brought memories of our days at 🏥 Medical College where he was a very studious and clever student . 
Sadness was etched on Rohini’s face and she was trying her best to control her tears.During my conversation with her it was obvious that she had left no stone unturned to give the best care love and support and total dedication to Chandra for 8 solid years.I was happy when she agreed with me that Chandra’s suffering is over and that he is definitely  in a better place. At the crematorium when smoke appeared from the top of the funeral pyre it reminded me of how impermanent our life on this earth is.

Dear Rohini you shared your life with Chandra for many years 
And said “ farewell” to him shedding many tears.
I am sure there are many loving memories he has given you, 
So please hold on to these as they were loving and true.🌹

8 thoughts on “Sad farewell”

  1. Thank you Praxy for representing us & posting this message to us.
    No more suffering for our beloved Chandra.
    May his soul rest in peace.


  2. Thanks Praxy for representing us at the funeral. Your farewell words to Chandra , in a sense has brought him to life in the minds among the mates.

    The selective words have captured the essence of Chandra’s life as a loving husband, to Rohini, a batch mate, and a highly respected Professional scholar 👨‍🏫

    To Dear Rohini , we all hope that once the initial shock of loss and sorrow sinks in,you will be blessed with courage, strength, and a piece of mind .to face the realities of life again,


  3. Piching and I thank you , Praxy , for being there at the funeral of Chandra to represent us.

    It is sad that Chandra’s life had to end in a totally helpless state , after such a brilliant carrier as a Physician.

    Rohini’s dedication, love and care is unsurpassed .She spent 8 + years taking care of Chandra in that helpless state. It is hard to imagine what she went through all those years.

    There are lessons to be learnt for everyone of us contemplating on this sad story.

    Nisantha and Piching.


  4. Thank you my dear Praxy for representing the Class of 64 at Chandra’s funeral .

    Yes, it must have been both very sad and yet very relieving to Rohini , when the end finally came …
    He is at Peace .. No More Suffering …

    Rohini– gave all of us a great lesson in Love and Compassion –

    May Chandra Attain Nibana …

    Deepthie .


  5. To say Good bye to a respected mate

    Thanks Praxy for summing up all our thoghts
    In a verse to Rohini our dear Pal Chadra’s demise
    Summing up our feelings in four well crafted lines
    May Chandra attain final peace in his blame free life


  6. Dear Praxy

    Thank you for attending the funeral of Chandra on all our behalf. It must have been a very sad experience. May his soul RIP.



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