5 thoughts on “Powerful”

  1. Thank you for posting this video Praxy. I have seen him in a different video. Truly amazing man.

    We , at least most of us, with all our faculties intact still complain about minor issues. I have seen videos of other individuals with no arms how they get along with life as if there is nothing wrong with them. They are better drivers of vehicles than , people with arms.

    Stevie Wonder , Ray Charles beautiful singers and played many musical instruments and were blind.

    Lot of life’s lessons to be learnt looking at these amazing people.



  2. Thank you Praxy
    what a beautiful story you shared with us
    Extremely opportune at Christmas times
    The power of mind when appliedcorrectly
    Can move mountains & walk without limbs


  3. Thank you Praxy- for the most inspiring post .

    Love Oprah- when she says ‘ Just shut your mouth and see and listen’ !
    We all have lots of Life Left in us, to Live and Learn- Each one of us , in their own way , to make this world a better place .



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