Best Wishes to Esiri!

Esiri BD Edit


Happy Birthday to Esiri,

It is my greatest joy to have a friend like you
It is my greatest pride to have a pal like you
It is my greatest fortune to have a mate like you
And it is the pleasure and good fortune of our batch,
On the eventful day in October ‘64, we all could join you!

A rare privilege for you to be the last to receive greetings,  for the year
Esiri my mate, you are a precious gift from Lord, to delight batch sixty four
By no means that is not all, as your ways are calming and singing is adoring
Wish you a very long healthy life and be recipient of every benevolent tiding

A friend like you is unnecessary to your fellow mates,
As much as  poetry to a poet, philosophy to a philosopher
No survival value like sunlight & water to plants and beings,
Because like those mentioned you breathe value for survival

Have a fantastic day with Chandrika and your adoring kith and kin


17 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Esiri!”

  1. Esiri , Piching and I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday. All the best now and years to come.

    I know you are in Sri Lanka with Chandrika , celebrating your birthday with family and friends. Sorry that Piching and I could not be there to celebrate with you. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you.

    Ariya’s poem about you describes you to a T.

    Nisantha and Piching


    1. Dear Nisantha and Piching and all other well wishers

      Thank you very much for your good wishes.We had a nice B’day party at the Cinnamon Grand in Sri Lanka with around 100 friends and family including Siri Kannangara and Rose our batch mates.

      Ariya has been too kind with his wonderful poem as only Ariya can do.He is an amazing poet and without doubt “The flower of the flock”.

      May the coming New Year bring joy and happiness to everyone.

      With lots of love,



  2. Dear Esiri
    Wish you many happy returns of the day 🎂and may the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you always.
    We are hoping to meet you on the 4th 5 th October 2019.So make sure you keep the dates free. Your charming ways, your adorable smile and your singing talents are a 👍 great boon to our batch of 64 and we cannot have another year without your presence😊 . Praxy and Ranjit


    1. Dear Praxy and Ranjit,

      Thank you for your kind words and good wishes.

      I am doing my level best to be at the next reunion.

      It is always a great joy to be with you two and the rest of the batch mates.

      Wishing the two of you an awesome New Year.

      With very best regards,



  3. Dear Esiri,
    Happy birthday. I am sure that you are enjoying the Big B’day celebration with your family in SriLanka.
    Wish you & your family a happy & healthy 2019.


  4. Dear Esiri,

    Wish you a very happy Birthday, & Ariya “Poems” it correct about you. I think of the GOLDEN DAYS at Jeevaka, with our life & sing songs ,headed by you.

    Have a wonderful time & many more great years to come. Say “HELLO” to Chandrika.



    1. Dear Wimal and Iranthie.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments.The GOLDEN DAYS at Jeevaka were fabulous indeed.We were blessed with a great group of friends and the memories are without match.

      We have also been wonderful family friends too.

      Wishing you the very best in the New Year.

      Esiri and Chandrika


  5. HI Esiri !
    I know you had a GREAT party in SL to Celebrate your BIG Day !

    Ariya said it ALL – so very eloquently , so I will just say- Happy Birthday and Wish You All the Best in Life in the Years Ahead .

    Have a Happy New Year with your lovely Chandrika , Children and Grand children .

    See you and Chandrika, in SL Oct 4,5,6- 2019 at our next RU 64- 55th Anniversary and let us all hear you sing all those nice old songs in your very lovely voice .

    We- The Class of 64= is soo proud of you !

    Good Wishes ,

    eagledeepthie .


  6. Dear Esiri
    Wish you all the best for your birthday & the year’s to come.
    Happy New Year too for you Chandrika & the family
    Roshani & Ranjit


  7. Wishing you a Happy Bealted birthday uncle!
    Also a very Happy New Year to you and Aunty Chandrika!
    Best wishes for a Happy & a Healthy New Year..
    With love,
    Sureni & Charitha


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