Reunion Couple of batch 64



My dear web master and buddies,
When we are in a proud, joyful mood, having had  Reunions many
It is essential to look back reasons for success & the initiator, brainy
To be called the monarch of reunions there is only one couple to qualify
Kum & Leela gave us the start, wheel is wheeling edges not becoming raggedy

Their mansion became the venue,  Leela’s hands the renown taste synthesiser
Not only for our batch get togethers for this couple, nothing is ever a bother
For starting a tradition, keeping it going and giving the knowledge and the bling
Join me my mates, in naming Leela & Kum , the batch 64, Reunion Queen & King


7 thoughts on “Reunion Couple of batch 64”

  1. Hear, hear!!
    Three cheers to Leela and Kum. A well deserved accolade.

    Ever loyal friends through thick and thin, always ‘batch orientated’ and our good fortune to have known and continue to associate with.


  2. Piching and I endorse what is said about Kum and Leela. Our eternal gratitude to both of them and our colleagues who helped them to organize the very first reunion.

    Nisantha and Piching


  3. Well said Ariya !!

    Big Hurrah for Leela and Kum for getting the ‘ball rolling ‘ back in 1989 .

    I fondly recall, the time at that RU, and then a few years later at their home in UK -where I spent a day or two, met up others, including Praxy and had a great time, enjoying the grand hospitality of Kum, Leela and their two young sons .

    I still have the little souvernier booklet you had got done back in 1989- with all the postal adds, telephone numbers. Those were the days when we did not have internet !.

    It was just great seeing both of you at Beruwala – this year, and hope we see you both again in 2019, for the Big One – 55 yrs since we , The Class of 64 , started life at Kynsey Road

    Thank You Kum and Leela — for giving us The Class of 64 that Great Start , and we are still continuing The Tradition . !



  4. Hi Ariya and Deepthie, Well said, but this post deserves the addition of a photo of the “ Reunion 64 King & Queen.”.I am sure Deepthie will have a pic to add to the post. Eddie.


  5. I totally agree with Ariya.
    Kum & Leela need Royal recognition by the Queen.
    In a small way, I sent names & addresses of some batch mates to Kum from Australia, but unfortunately I couldn’t attend as Kum has to change the date of RU owing to hotel availability etc.
    Long Live Kum & Leela.


  6. Hi Ariya
    Wishing you and Thavamani
    A wonderful Christmas and A very Happy New Year. It was
    Very nice of you to write about us. Much appreciated. Hope to see you at the next RU
    Kum and Leela

    Sent from my iPhone


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