Passing of a Wonderful Batch Mate – Chandra Rodrigo


Dear Ariya , Biga and Swarna,
I just had an email from Praxy (you may already have heard) that Chandra had passed away last night. His wife Rohini will be in touch with Praxy about the funeral arrangements.
I am copying this to Sam in case the news has not reached him yet.
Dr Chandra Rodrigo  expired, cremation will take place on 25th December 2018  at 5.00 pm Nawala Cemetery. Remains at No. 31, Rodrigo Mawatha, Nawala.
​Rohini & Asitha
+ 94 11 2875262
Editorial Note:
Chandra Rodrigo,
Chandra was the Associate Professor in Anesthesiology, University of Hong Kong, Examiner, Final Fellowship. He won BS Perera Gold Medal, College of Anesthesia, SriLanka and Horace Wells Award from International Federation of Anesth. Societies. After retirement, was the President, Philatelic Society of SriLanka and won Gold Medal at the International Stamp Exhibition in SriLanka. He was diagnosed with MND in 2006, and has been on a ventilator care at home since 2011. He leaves behind , his loving wife Rohini,  son Asitha, daughter- in- law Helen and, grand daughter Jaqueline.

16 thoughts on “Passing of a Wonderful Batch Mate – Chandra Rodrigo”

  1. Loss of Chandra, marks a very sad day!

    Another dark, gloomy very sad day to entry batch, sixty four
    Erudite mate Chandra, a gentleman, a professor & a very fine fellow
    Closed his eyes, not before teaching all of us a lesson or two
    To value one’s life & tenacity in adversity on that he kept a record too

    Must add a note about his beloved wife Rohini
    An epitome of dedication, loyalty, courage & efficiency too
    Over a decade or so her commitment, Herculan effort & input
    Kept him alive, setting examples of iron will and her true Love


  2. Deepest Sympathies to Rohini and Family of Chandra who bravely went through life, beating all the odds stacked against him.

    Chandra and Rohini– we The Class of 64 has much to learn from both of you, about Strength , Love , Courage and Determination .

    Thank you for the Teachings .

    Chandra — May You Rest in Peace …

    Deepthie .


  3. Dear Rohini

    Please accept my Heartfelt Condolences.

    The grief you feel at this moment, serves as a connection to the loss of your dear Husband Chandra, and you will cling to it as a means of remaining connected .

    But time will heal the sorrow.

    Dear Rohini, wishing you peace ,to bring comfort, and courage, to face the difficult days ahead, while

    holding loving memories of Chandra , forever

    in your heart.


  4. Rohini,

    Our Heartfelt sympathies on his passing away. Known as M.R.C. to most of us. Chandra was a quiet but grateful person, who had a lot of strength & Courage within. He is free of all pain he had is Resting in Peace.



  5. Dear Rohini
    Ranjit and I were very sad to hear the passing away of Chandra. We arrived here on Friday and the first thing we had planned for Saturday morning was to see him and hand over the tracheostomy tubes that Swarna kindly gave. However this was not meant to be,as Lucky sent me a message early morning to give me the sad news.

    When I spoke to you I could feel the pain you were going through. Your dedication, courage, love care and support was remarkable and kept him
    going all these years but the creator above knew the suffering he was going through and decided to give him rest.May he attain Nibbana.
    Praxy and Ranjit


  6. Another of our batch mates is not with us anymore. Piching and I have already communicated with Rohini and Asitha to express our sorrow and convey our sympathies.

    Life was not fair for MRC to be afflicted with such a horrible disease after an illustrious carrier. Then again unfortunately we have no control over such situations.

    The love and dedication on the part of Rohini to take care of her husband in that sad and difficult condition is unsurpassed.

    May Chandra attain Nibbana.

    Nisantha and Piching.


  7. Dear Rohini & family,
    It is sad to lose an intelligent & strong will powered gentleman.
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences on your great loss.


  8. Dear Rohini & family
    Sorry to hear the sad loss of “MRC” as he was known to his friends. Please accept my sincere condolences.


  9. Please convey my deepest sympathies to Rohini & her family.

    He certainly fought the good fight & we all admire him & his resilience.

    Rohini deserves a special commendation for caring for him over the years.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Anselm Gunesekera.


  10. To Rohini and family,
    My belated condolences and deepest sympathies to you all at the sad loss of a dear husband and a loving father.
    May Chandra attain peace and contentment as he travels through the heavenly abode.


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