6 thoughts on “Bistros of our childhood”

  1. Thanks for posting this article , CJ. This brings back lots of pleasant memories. We have patronized some of the places mentioned in the article. Saraswathie lodge, Greenlands, Fountain cafe, Green cabin and Bhuhari hotel just to mention a few.

    When we in the hostel- Jeewaka , with our limited budget Saraswathie Lodge was one of the joints. When we had money it was Fountain Cafe.

    When my brother visited me at the hostel we always opted for Chinese food. Parkview Lodge off Turret road and Chop Sticks in Fort. Crab claws in ginger sauce was my favorite.

    It is funny that they should mention the ABC cafe in Trinco. It was owned by Piching’s aunts family. Piching’s mothers sister was married to the owner. Her cousins from that family who live in Canada will be joining us on a trip to Laos. Vietnam , Thailand and Cambodia in February 2019. ABC cafe was closed in the 80’s due to the LTTE conflict and Piching’s aunts family moved to Colombo.



  2. Dear CJ
    Thank you for this wonderful account taking us back to memory lane.Yes that was a very good account of the places we haunted when we were young . I have not gone inside Saraswsthie lodge but used to love their mixture . Yes Buhari had some lovely spicy 🌶 roasted chicken which was very tasty . Fountain cafe rolls and ice coffee ☕️ were fantastic .There was also Alericks icecream and their knicker bocker glory which was delicious. Those days things were simple and we enjoyed them all. I would do anything to turn back the 🕰 😊. Praxy


  3. Thanks CJ for this post by Nalaka Devendra.Gourmandize, sums up the essay and I particularly like the last paragraph of this post by Nalaka.There is hope when food becomes the common denominator. Eddie.


  4. Thanks CJ for this posting.

    Some of us who lived & ate the “Buth master’s” food at Bloem were regular customers to Saraswathie lodge & Greenlands for vegetarian meals and Jaffna Hotel at Hospital road for sea food curry. Not to forget the Arrack tavern next door to Jaffna hotel where we have a quick standing shot before the sea food curry especially Crabs & Squids.

    “Thosai Kadei “at Punchi Borella Junction was a cheap option. Some of us had an account there!! The illegal Kasippu hut was diagonally opposite, hidden behind some small cheap houses/huts.

    Buhari for Bryanni – oh my god, my mouth is watering now


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