5 thoughts on “Americans Don’t Understand English —”

  1. Thanks Rani. Very funny. This is true.

    When we came to the US we had a problem adjusting to the American language. Now it is second nature. I remember asking for Sticking plaster to secure a dressing and none of the nurses knew what it was . They call it tape- just tape. I asked for a torch to look at the throat of a patient. The nurse told me Torches are not allowed in the hospital , it is against the fire code. When I explained what I needed she said ” Oh! you need a flash light ”

    One of my friends were rear ended at a stop light and the insurance adjuster had asked him where he was hit. He said he was hit in the back of the car and the “Dicky “got dented. After the insurance adjuster stopped laughing , my friend had to take him up to the car to show him the exact damage on the vehicle. Little did my friend know ” Dick, Dicky ” refers to the penis , slang for penis. We now know to refer to the boot or the Dicky of the car as the Trunk of the car. The bonnet is called the hood.



  2. Thank you Simone.I have seen Michael MacIntyre before, especially this clip.He is at his funny best here.Yes, languages have evolved over time and English is one that has developed into a very sophisticated form of communication.It can be very precise and yet left to many interpretations.In James Joyce’s ,Dubliners ,written in the late 19 th century,the description of places and conduct is very confusing in comparison to the English that we know today.But in his day it was excellent prose.
    So it is with “ Singlish” , where most sentences in spoken English language ends up with a No.?!The common humorous description of graduating from studies is ,” passing out”.This means an altogether different meaning to others.!!
    Dickie’s evolution is from the early Ford cars which were essentially 2 seaters.At the rear was an uncovered foldable seat, which could be used for another2 people and on occasion to carry luggage.Hence the old British reference to Dickie,is what the Brits left behind.! Dick is commonly a short form for Richard and a fool and a detective or a penis.It is the form of usage that tells the meaning of the word.
    Even,,Sinhala is evolving when our own MSS refers to ?homosexuals as butterflies.It is based on the behaviour of many species of insects and butterflies that often go through a period of homosexual behaviour until they reach maturity.Very Interesting times.Thanks for the humorous side of all what has been discussed.


  3. Thanks Rani. Enjoyed it.

    Even some of the words are spelt differently. Eg: Ceacum / Cecum; Leukaemia / Leukemia ; Oestrogen / Estrogen; Centre / Center etc. – American spelling sounds easier !!!

    Some countries have some unique words to describe the same thing Eg: Chiily bin in NZ / Eski in Australia etc.


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