6 thoughts on “Animal Sounds”

  1. Thanks Praxy
    Amazing talent, thank you Praxy for sharing
    Vast range of sounds how is he really doing
    Never seen such a performance a party trick
    From coarse to sharp sweetness of a tweet.


  2. Thanks Praxy.This man is extremely talented.His talents should be used by film and recording companies as I am sure he will be able to imitate any sound or voice.Eddie.


  3. With Praxy’s approval, please enjoy the additional site to enjoy the differences In Onomatopoeia . A video of animal sounds in different languages, with native speakers , in different countries and regions


  4. Thanks Simone.An interesting collection of sounds.BUT they were not created by an expert like the man we heard.He is an expert and if I did not see him,I would certainly have not guessed that it came from the mouth of an African or an Englishman or for that matter, a human being.!.I thought that his mimicry was exceptional.Yes, it is true that our mother tongue does add an unique quality to our speech and the sounds that we make.That quality I believe is species specific.Take for example the English language, we are not native speakers and as a result some are better than others with the accent and pronunciation.That is a learned characteristic and made by a conscious effort to mimic the sounds, which is easy for some and for others it does not matter as it does not encroach on our ability to communicate freely and be understood.On the other hand many migrants who have never spoken English before seem to mimic the accents better as they are learning it from scratch by listening to the new environment..The same is true of our second and third generation progeny.Their speech is very similar in character to their friends and the environment in which they grow..Eddie.


  5. HI Praxy-
    I am a bit late in my response to your very interesting post on Animal Calls .

    This is a very old trick used by many ancient cultures to communicate with each other .
    I am sure the Aboriginal People of Lanka ( Vedda people ) also used this as I do recall reading some thing about this in some old books by Dr R. L Spittle , written some years back .

    This is method of communication was widely used in America, Africa, Australia , by the Native People , to warn each other, of approaching danger by other hostile tribes, and more intensely used during the the time when these nations were being captured by the New Arrivals , back in the 1700- and 1800’s .

    Each Tribe had its ‘code sound ‘ that was used in different circumstances .
    This was their 911 call in many instances .

    Indeed, some Native Canadian / American that fought in the two world wars in the Allied Forces, used this way communication, with good success .
    It goes back to the Hunter Gatherer times of Ancient Cultures , in days gone by .

    I do use certain bird calls- when I go out to feed a certain bird species that come to my garden– and it never fails me ! and this , being an old trick that we birders use to get the attention of birds .

    I use a certain call,to get an arctic snowy owl ‘ with an attitude ” ! – to look at me, so I could take a photo of it full face, or a nice side sly eye look !
    These migrating snowy owls are now so used to people./ traffic over in the Great Lakes Region of America and Canada , though they have not seen a human up in their Arctic Home .

    I use my flute to make certain bird calls- and it never fails to attract a Rock Wren or a Canyon Wren and a few other birds in Sedona, Arizona when I out hiking alone in the canyons .
    I do get some ” good competition ” from these two bird species and it a lot of fun- to ‘reply’ these calls !

    A call I seldom use on my flute , is The Eagle Call- this predator calls scares other birds away .

    At our local provincial park ( Awenda Park ) we have special evening events called Owl Prowl, and Wolf Howl — where the park guides would make the calls by mouth, and it is great to hear these beings respond to the appropriate call of the park guides ! .

    There are newer and improved ‘ Bird Call Apps ” that some birders use, to lure the birds out of the bush , but the Real Birders discourage this method of bird watching .

    It is still used by people here, during the Goose, Moose and Deer Hunting seasons – the Native Canadians being the experts at this the sounds that they have learned as young children growing up in the ” bush country, ” taught by their elders .

    Very interesting – how humans and animals can interact with each other in a good way .

    Thanks Praxy- Great Post !

    Eagledeepthie .


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