The New Zealand Christmas Tree.

Hi ,This is a NZ Christmas tree, now in flower all over town.This tree must be about 20 years old These trees are long lived and herald the Christmas season every year throughout the coastal regions.Eddie.D780FE76-7086-4E16-BFEF-A164C118B160.jpeg

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

12 thoughts on “The New Zealand Christmas Tree.”

  1. Thanks Eddie. We could see one in full bloom while watching the Sri Lanka v NZ test match at Wellington. It is very beautiful.



    1. Thanks Praxy,Interestingly, the flowering starts around Christmas, always in mid December and they finish by the end of January, but always a show at Christmas.There are beautiful stands of trees , some over 50 years old along the beaches and they do make a pretty picture as they are smothered in deep red on a background of dark green leaves.Kiwis spend Christmas on the beaches and while they enjoy the sun and sand these trees form a beautiful backdrop reminding all that it is Christmas time.Eddie.


      1. Dear Eddie,
        Thanks you for that information. It must be lovely to have that tree in your garden and flowering for such a long time with such a beautiful display. I should plan my next visit to NZ in mid December so that we can see it in ”real life’ Praxy


  2. Thanks CJ.Yes, I saw that too during the broadcast of the match.However, SL cricketers are not doing well,even the Indians are in a bad way in the second test.Eddie.


  3. Just a correction.This tree is not in my garden. This pic is of one of the trees in the town centre, a hop step and a jump away.Our tree is smaller as I have deliberately cut it down to keep it manageable.Last year, I trimmed it after summer and hence a little bare this year.These trees are magnificent when left to grow tall and stately.Eddie.


  4. Thank you Eddie for the most lovely flowering Pokutukawa ( did I get it right ? ! ) tree in the town centre .
    I was in NZ back in 1991 Dec in Auckland – Rotorua area and stayed with Ahnainmugan and Indra for a few days in Palmeston North , , and with some other folks in Auckland, from my old HFC convent days .

    I must go through my old photo albums and look for this flowering tree-
    I do recall photographing Rhododendrons in a park in Palmeston North – where Ahnainmugan was living / working at that time and I understand he has since moved to UK .

    Indra- turned out be one of the BEST Quilters in all of NZ and did a quilt with everything that NZ is famous for and this flower is on this quilt that won many, many awards and gifted it to me, about 15 yrs ago, when it finally arrived safely in NZ after ‘ traveling ‘ all over Aus, NZ, USA , Europe winning many special awards .
    I will send you a photo of this later , and more of the story behind this very special gift to me .

    As for what is popular at this time of the year in North America/ Canada is the Poinsettia – ( Indoor of course ) in colors of red, and myriad of other shades that color the bracts of the plant.

    We all had this shrub growing in SL and it is a million $$ business for all garden centres at this time of the year , and most homes, shops and other public places are filled with this festive red color at this time .
    It apparently requires very specific storage / growing conditions if one were to have this giving out the coloring of the bracts , year after year, at home .
    I cannot be bothered with it – nor do I buy this- money down the drain for me !

    The other plant that is popular is – Christmas Lily — that blooms from a dormant bulb .
    This is a sure flower and I have a few leaves growing out of the bulb now, and wait with baited breath to see the blooms . My luck – it will bloom when I am in Arizona!

    At least , I can come home in mid march , and look fwd to my old faithful indoor Clivia plants and Agapanthus to bloom . I know these grow ‘ wild ‘ in Aus and NZ !

    Thanks Eddie for the very lovely photo of the Pokutukawa shrub and it was a real treat for me to see this first thing in the morning, on a very gloomy, cloud and over cast day out here by Lake Huron .
    The Red flowers sure fired up my soul, ( + the coffee ! ) and got me on my feet to get going with the day !
    eagledflowerchild !


  5. HI Eddie,
    Ok- got the spelling right- POHUTUKAWA – went back and looked up your comment on the Christmas Greeting !
    eagledflowerchild !


  6. Hi Deepthie, Yes, you did get everything right.You seem to be a gardener cum botanist too.Yes, Clivias have finished their spring blooms and the agapanthus is now coming to life here.Yes, Palmerston North and Taranaki are favourite spots for Rhododendrons.Thanks for your trips down memory lane as we walk through the different scenarios.Keep writing and enjoying your encounters with nature.Eddie.


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