5 thoughts on “?? Rebirth evidence”

  1. Thanks Rani. I have seen this clip before.Adam is really a smart cookie and knows all about aerodynamics and aircrafts.I am sure he will end up an airline pilot and then realise the tedious nature of the job.Long hours across different time zones.Away from home and more importantly increased risk of radiation during flying.I saw a recent report from Australia which raises the awareness of increased incidence of strokes in airline pilots.? Cause.
    This boy demonstrates, that with an abiding interest in something one can really master the information.Today, all this information is available on the net and I am sure his devoted parents have taught him how to access this information.His knowledge and age combined makes him cute.! Eddie.


  2. WOW, What a brain & talent at 5years 11months. He has used it well, of course with the help of parents. This shows that if one has an interest & focuses on it, you can achieve a lot even at 5 yrs of age.
    In my case, I coudn’t even use my below average brain at that young age as I was in & out of the hospital till 6 yrs with polio – started schooling late!


  3. Dear Rani
    What an interesting video clip.. Hete we have a programme where all Britain’s brainiest ( from about 8 years onwards)take part and the talents they show are unbelievable. They are all in MENSA too. Praxy


  4. I have this video before. Thanks Rani for posting it.

    I do not think this kid learnt all these from the internet.His language skills cannot be that good to study complicated aeronautical engineering. His knowledge came from his previous life.That is the explanation Buddhists have to explain the talents of child prodigies. There are many instances where people have recalled their past and visited places unknown to them and described these places in detail prior to their visits.

    People have also visited relatives from their previous lives and mentioned facts that only the family knew. I strongly believe in rebirth. There is lot of evidence in our own lives to explain certain phenomena that occur in our day to day lives.

    Hypnotists are able to take people back to their previous lives to cue certain psychiatric illnesses . All the evidence is available on the internet

    Now that astronomers believe that there could be 2 billion to 200 billion earth like planets in the universe we can be born again in any one of these places.

    What the Buddha explained 2500 years ago that there are planets in the universe with beings more intelligent than humans , with similar intelligence and less intelligence and of different shapes than the human shape and sizes will come true with more evidence and new discoveries. The Voyager 2 has left the Heliosphere. Hopefully we can learn more about things in the outer space.



    1. My dear Rani and Nisantha,

      Amazing child &a story & an amazing video clip
      I cannot give an explanation except the obvious
      Though a good performance I opt to be agnostic
      Beats me, yet cannot accept, what looks obvious

      The Buddha did clearly denounce the concept of Self
      That was 2600 years ago on that there’s no but nor if
      This story fits well to Sassata vision, recognizable soul
      Then I have to drop, most of His teaching & Path middle

      Makes a big hole in the concept of ‘Anatta’
      Conforming ownership to a birth-death rota
      There lies my difficulty to agree with the clip
      Hope in my learning the doctrine, I didn’t slip


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