Merry Christmas!


Happy 😃 Christmas 🎄 and a bright healthy New year to all our batch mates

Christmas is coming and the 🦃 turkey is getting fatter,
And with the temperatures dropping the cold is getting bitter.⛄️❄️
So it’s time to wish all our friends near and dear,
A very happy Christmas 🎄🎄🎄and a joy filled New Year.🥂🥂

Ranjit and Praxy

16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Wish Merry Christmas to all my mates in batch sixty four
    May Lord’s message reverberate every nook and corner
    Love, generosity and care replace greed, hatred & doubt
    Peace & tolerance be in every heart to fill with good cheer


  2. Thank you very much Praxy and Ranjith for the Greetings for Happy Christmas .

    I wish the Class of 64 , Your Families and Loved Ones ALL Good Wishes for a Peaceful , Happy Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season .
    Peace and Joy To All .

    Ariya- you said it all ! and Many Thanks to you .

    Deepthie .

    Ps= Praxy I love your little poem – seems like we have another Poet in the Class !! and I love your Digital Art Works !!


    1. Dear Deepthie
      May be in my old age I am discovering something I did not have especially in that good old convent of ours.
      Your talents in photography are “ one of a kind” with ability to take beautiful photos👁‍🗨 and as I have told you before you have missed your vocation in life . Praxy


  3. Thank you Praxy for your Christmas greetings to all our batch mates.Let me take the opportunity to wish you and your family the same.
    Christmas in New Zealand is different weather wise.It is warm,hence it is beach time, No turkey but lots of Barbecue in the garden,Days are long and beer is the favoured “spiritual enhancer.”Everyone is in shorts and jandals The unique feature is the beautiful pohutukawa trees in full bloom.This year,the trees are magnificent in full flower all over town.!It is deep red,much like Santa Claus’s attire.!
    Wherever we are,the message of Christmas is the same.It is not Santa Claus or the Christmas trees or the decorations.The message is goodwill to all.It is quality family time when we gather to celebrate the closeness of our family and is a reminder that we are all the same,whatever our backgrounds and religious convictions are.
    And on that note let me thank Praxy and wish all our batch mates a Happy and joyous Christmas time.Enjoy.


    1. Dear Eddie
      I can remember you posting a photo of your Phottukaws tree in your back garden. Please send me a photo as I love to see nature in its glory . It was beautiful. Praxy


  4. Thanks Praxy & Ranjit. Jean & I wish you the same.

    I also like to wish all my 64 batch mates & families a very happy & peaceful Christmas as well as a peaceful, happy and healthy 2019.

    In Sylvania Waters, on Christmas morning, a big 70 feet boat with Christmas decorations including a huge Santa comes to the water front of each & every 365 houses. The moment we hear the music from the boat we all stand on our pontoons or back yards to greet them. It is organised by Sylvania Waters Association. We give gifts to the Santa. The gifts are collected by them & sent to needy children. Santa throws out lollies from the boat for us. This event happens every year without fail.

    2018 passed very fast. Looking forward to another happy & healthy year.
    Once again, Jean joins me in wishing Merry Christmas to all my 64 batch mates.


    1. Dear Seelan,
      I am sure the scene from your back garden must be fantastic. This brI gave back memories of our visit to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks. Unfortunately we could not meet up with you that time.
      We were thinking of going away for 10 days in February and were originally thinking of Sydney but then decided on Adelaide as we have not visited that part of Oz. Praxy


  5. Thanks Praxy and Ranjit for the Christmas greetings.

    Piching and I take this opportunity wish you and all our class of 64 batch mates and their loved ones compliments of the season and a bright , healthy , peaceful happy New Year.

    Nisantha and Piching


  6. best wishes and merry Christmas and happy holidays to all and may the new year bring bigger blessings and good fortune to all


  7. Thank you Praxy, Ranjit, and all batch mates fosamer the Christmas wishes. Yogamany and wish you all the same. We are having a “heat wave” about 5 degrees C!. Everything is relative. We were minus five for weeks and even in spite of day time temp it freezes at night. The Canadians also must be enjoying the same temps.
    Wishing everybody peace and joy. Especially the SL parliamentarians. “May all beings be happy”. Planning to be in SL Jan 5th. for amonth.


  8. Thanks Praxy and Ranjit. Seasons greetings to all batch mates and a satisfying NewYear. We are off to Goa for a jolly Christmas like our Burgher friends celebrated in our younger days.
    God bless you all.
    Nirmali and Narme


    1. Dear Narme
      Talking of Burgher friends I must tell you a funny story. When we were at the Flower Road apartment there was a burgher lady in the apartment downstairs. I used to go and check her BP when I was in SL. One day when we were chatting about Lumprice ( not sure how to spell it ) thinking that I was a Burgher she said “ these Srilsnkans don’t know how to prepare good Lumprice “” Only we burghers can cook tasty lump rice”
      Then I told her that I am not a Burgher and she felt very bad. Now she is dead and gone but each time anyone mentions LR I think of her. She was the wife of Arpico owner. Praxy


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